How To Remove Lint from a Suit

Most suits are made of wool. This clothing material is most apt for suits as it gives a gleaming and affluent look. However, suits need to be cared for properly to maintain their glossiness and elegance. This means you have to “groom” your suit regularly by removing lint and other unsightly particles that may attach to the wool. Here are tips on how to remove lint from a suit:

  1. Use any of these materials: velvet lint brush, electric lint remover, spray bottle, duct tape and static guard. These materials can be bought in fabric stores or general department stores.
  2. Brush the suit using a velvet lint brush. The bristles of the brush should not be too soft or too hard. When you brush off the lint, do it with brisk, upward strokes. If you do the strokes downward, it will only make the lint attach more firmly on the wool.
  3. Suck out the lint with an electric lint remover. This is one of the fastest ways to remove lint. This tool is like a vacuum cleaner that draws the lint out and deposits it in a compartment. The way to do this trick is to hang the suit on a rack and run the electric lint remover over it, starting from below going up. Avoid directly touching the fabric with the nozzle of the tool so the suit will not get stuck. Always hold the electric lint remover an inch away from the material to achieve best results.
  4. Spray water on the whole suit. Make sure you scatter the mist evenly and lightly over the material. It should be just damp enough. Do not make the spray bottle linger on one area as you might soak the cloth. The trick is to go over the whole garment with brisk sprays. Next, get a clean washcloth and scrape off the lint. The washcloth should be of a coarse material. Avoid using fibrous cloth like flannel, as it will only add more lint on the suit. 
  5. Let the lint attach to a duct tape. Duct tape (or sometimes called packaging tape) is a very effective means of removing lint from a suit. However there is a risk of damaging the wool when duct tape is used as some of the wool fabric (especially the frizzy ends) might detach from the suit itself. The way to use a duct tape is by rolling it around your palm with the adhesive part exposed outside, away from the fingers and palm. Next, dab the tape on the lint. Do this with continuous brisk dabs all over the areas covered with lint. When the tape is already fully covered with lint, change it with a new roll and repeat the procedure until you are sure all the lint has been removed.
  6. Use a static guard on the suit. Spray it all over the garment. A static guard causes the lint to fall off as well as prevents more lint from sticking to the suit. Before wearing your suit, spray a good amount of static guard on the material to ward off lint when the wool gets in contact with other fibrous garments.

Removing lint from a suit can also be done by placing the garment in a dryer for a few minutes before washing it. The dryer will blow off most of the lint that got attached to the fabric.


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