How To Remove Mascara Stains from Fabric

Waterproof mascara

I have found several different methods that work in removing mascara from clothing. All different makers of mascara have different ingredients in them, so you may find if one method does not work, move on to the next until you are successful!

  1. Make up remover. The first thing that I would try to remove mascara from clothing is simple make up remover that you can purchase at your local stores or pharmacy. You simply take a clean cloth and put your makeup remover directly on the stain of mascara and then gently dab the area, which will lift the stain up onto the cloth. I continue using more remover and changing to a clean spot on the cloth to have a good, clean removal. Once the stain has lifted entirely off, clean your garment as you normally would.
  2. Degreaser dishwashing detergent. Another method that I have had success with to remove mascara from fabric is by using a degreaser dishwashing detergent. This has been actually as valuable as the makeup remover. I simply have poured a small amount of dishwashing detergent on the mascara stain and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Next, you get a clean cloth and wet it. Gently begin dabbing the spot until your cloth picks up the stain. You can run cold water on the back side of the mascara stain as you continue this until its clear. Wash your fabric after you have successfully removed the stain.
  3. Euclayptus oil. Another thing that you can try, especially with some waterproof mascara stains, is taking some eucalyptus oil and pouring it over the stain on your clothing. After letting the oil sit on your clothing for about 15 minutes, take a cloth and scrub the oil into the stain. Add more eucalyptus oil to your cloth and, again, scrub the stain and see if you can get it to come out. I would try this at least 3 to 4 times to see if you can lift the stain. If you are successful, wash your garment as you normally would.
  4. Lye soap. I have also found that if you have a very stubborn stain from mascara that has already been dried into your fabric it can be extremely tough to remove. The best success I have had for something like this is plain lye soap that you can buy at a store. You directly rub the wet soap onto the fabric and rub it back and forth quite a few times. Then let your fabric sit out for about 15 minutes, and then get a cold wet cloth and rub the soap into the fabric cleaning and rubbing back and forth. I have found this to successfully remove mascara stains.


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