How To Remove Masking Tape from Wood

Masking tape can be annoyingly stubborn especially when you want to completely remove it from a surface, particularly wood. With a big dose of patience and by following these easy steps, you can cleanly remove it without harming your wooden floor or table. Read on to learn more.

  1. Prepare the following materials first. Get a clean washcloth and a clean bowl. Carefully put steaming hot water on the bowl. It is very important that the water is really hot but not to the point of your skin getting scalded when touched. Go to the taped area. Soak the soft cloth and wring it out. Using the damp warm cloth, hold it to cover the corner of the masking tape. Make sure you do this in the corner so the tape will come off more easily. Wait for at least five minutes while dipping the cloth to make sure it stays warm.
  2. After five minutes, you can now remove the wet cloth from the tape. Gently but firmly roll your finger over the corner-edge of the masking tape. Do not scratch or scrub it with your nails to avoid damaging the wooden surface. The tape should come off very easily at this time. You then grab it and carefully pull it off. It is important that you do this very slowly. Scrubbing it off with the warm cloth will also help remove the tape without leaving too much residue.
  3. As soon as the masking tape is completely off, you will see some tape residues. For lighter stains, you can rub the washcloth until the sticky leftovers are completely gone. For stubborn residues, add a drop of dishwashing liquid soap on your still warm cloth. Gently but firmly rub it against the stained area until no masking tape residues will be seen. Never use abrasive cloth and brush to prevent scratching the wood. Rinse it all off with clean soft cloth soaked in hot water. This will ensure that that there will be no soap left on the wooden surface. Wipe it do not scrub it. Dry the wood with a soft and clean towel. Repeat this step until the masking tape residues are totally gone.
  4. Using your good old hair dryer is also effective when removing stubborn masking tapes on any wooden surfaces. All you have to do is turn on your hair dryer. Make sure that you put it in high heat setting. Position it by pointing the blower at least three inches away from the masking tape. Let the hot air blow the tape for about three minutes to soften the sticky adhesive making it easier to remove.
  5. Gently pull off the masking tape on the edge. Slowly remove it. If still, you are having a hard time pulling it all off, blast it off with your heated hair dryer and try again. Apply step number four for any tape residues that you will see when you have completely removed the masking tape from the wooden surface.
  6. For a final clean touch, apply wooden polish on the previously stained area. Get a clean, soft and dry cloth and put some polish in it. Wipe the wood with circular motion. Repeat this step until it is completely buffed and shiny.

These are the things that you need to do when removing stubborn and sticky masking tapes. Just remember—do not use your fingernails when pulling the tape off to avoid scratching and damaging the wood.


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