How To Remove Mineral Deposits from a Showerhead

If you've got hard water, you know about mineral deposits. They leave your sinks, tubs, counters and especially your showerhead looking unsightly and often clogged. If you need to remove mineral deposits from a showerhead, simply follow these steps and your showerhead will be as good as new.

Step 1

Use vinegar. Vinegar is the secret weapon for so many household cleaning problems. Use vinegar to remove mineral deposits from a showerhead. Simply fill a hole-free plastic bag half-full with vinegar and tie it to your showerhead using string or an elastic band. The acid in the vinegar works like a solvent and eats away at the mineral deposits. Leave the showerhead to soak in the vinegar for 2 hours and then remove. The other option is to remove the showerhead and soak it in vinegar for 2 hours. Then take an old brush and scrub away any residue. A toothpick is a great tool for getting mineral deposits out of the spray holes. Once this is done, you should have a sparkling clean showerhead, free from mineral deposits. Just make sure to keep the vinegar away from your eyes, and keep small children away while you remove mineral deposits from a showerhead. (Caution: If your pipes are old or fragile, it's best to leave the removal of a showerhead to a plumber. This will prevent the mishap of a broken pipe and a flooded bathroom.)

Step 2

Boil it. You can remove mineral deposits from a showerhead by boiling the showerhead. Remove the showerhead and place it in a deep pot along with equal parts water and vinegar (enough to cover). Bring this to a boil and leave it boiling for at least 15 minutes. You can remove the showerhead at this point to check to see if all of the mineral deposits have been removed. Use an old toothbrush to scrub away loose debris, rinse, and reattach your showerhead.

Step 3

Purchase some cleaner. Another option for removing mineral deposits from a showerhead is to use a household cleaner. Your local big box store should have a large variety of cleaners specifically aimed at removing mineral deposits. These solvents are harsh chemicals though, so use caution. Follow the directions on the product (such as Lime Away or Bam). You will likely need to spray the showerhead several times with this cleaner to fully remove all of the mineral deposits. Again, scrub away any remaining residue and use a toothpick to open any clogged spray holes. Rinse your showerhead, and you're done.


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