How To Remove Paint from Hardwood Floors

Removing paint from hardwood floors may seem difficult and complicated but it can be simple with the right tools and a few tricks. Here are some tips that can help you remove paint from hardwood floors.

First try using a method that is easier on your hardwood floor before resorting to stronger chemicals or sanding.

  • A putty knife can be used to gently lift or scrape off paint spots especially if the paint is quite fresh and still pliable.
  • Mild cleaning agents like TSP (trisodium phosphate) diluted in water or even regular dishwashing liquid can be used to remove latex based paint spots. Cover the paint spot with the cleaning agent then scrub off the paint. Take caution not to use too much water on your hardwood floor since excessive water can cause major damage to your floor.
  • Use a heat gun to loosen unwanted paint on the floor. Run the heat gun back and forth about 1 inch above the paint spot, until the paint bubbles and loosens because of the heat. Get a putty knife to pry the paint away from the floor. Avoid using excessive heat that may burn or damage the floor. Use a wet towel to clean the floor after scraping off the paint.

If the methods above did not solve your problem, try using chemicals.

  • Rubbing alcohol is the least abrasive and a safe chemical to start with. Soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and saturate the paint with the alcohol ball. Use a putty knife to lift off the paint. Use a cloth to wipe off the excess alcohol and paint remaining on the floor.
  • Lacquer thinner, paint thinner and acetone are stronger chemicals that can be used to scrub off paint. Make sure to ventilate the area you are working in and wear a face mask while working, to protect you from inhaling the toxic fumes. Simply apply enough quantity of the thinner or acetone directly on the paint spot to dilute it. Use a putty knife and a rag to scrub the paint off. Be careful not use too much chemicals as these may damage your floor.
  • There are paint removal products specifically made to remove paint from hardwood floors. Since paint removal products are harsher chemicals, make sure to read the warnings printed on the bottles. You can try using the more popular paint removal products for hardwood floors like Goo Gone Painter's Pal, Goof Off, and Krud Kutter. These chemicals can damage your hardwood floor finish that it is important that you properly used and handle the chemicals. Preferably get the services of professionals when using strong chemicals.

If you have tried all the simple solutions and chemicals and you still cannot remove the paint, consider sanding out the paint stains from your hardwood floor.

Rent a sander for rough sanding the layer of paint on your floor and use a hand-held sander to smoothen the floor finish. Make sure to clean the dust of the area being worked on between sandings.

If all the above methods do not seem to work, you might have to get the services of professional sanders to remove paint from your hardwood floor.


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