How To Remove Perspiration Stains from Clothing

Some people sweat more than others, but more often than not, sweat creates yellowish stains on your clothing. These stains are called perspiration stains and not only are they unsightly, but they can accumulate bacteria and produce a smell as well. Follow these steps to remove the sweat stains from your clothing.

This process can be done for both white and colored clothing. But it is more useful on white, off-white and light colored clothing since the clothes in these colors are usually the ones with more obvious stains. Here is one method you can use to remove perspiration stains from your clothing:

  1. First thing you need to check on is to use the right detergent for your clothing. Detergent that contains oxygenating ingredients to specifically remove protein-based stains on your clothing. You should read the label of the detergent and make sure it says that it specifically removes stains in your clothing. Some detergents mostly contain fabric conditioner and do not really remove stains.
  2. Take some of the detergent on your fingers, damp with some water and rub it onto your clothing on the part where the stains are visible. These parts are usually located on the necklines and underarms. There are some detergent that burns the skin when handled directly so be very careful not touch the detergent if you are sensitive to it. You can use rubber gloves just in case. After rubbing the detergent fully into the stain areas, let it soak on the clothing for 30 minutes.
  3. Once the clothing is soaked for half an hour, wash the entire clothing as you would. It would be better to wash it by hand than by washing machine. You can do an extra scrub on the stain if you are washing it manually.

This is another process that you can use for white and light colored clothing only. Do not attempt to use this process for the colored ones. It will cause damage to your colored clothing.

  1. You can use Hydrogen Peroxide for your white clothing. Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down the protein residue from sweat stains. Soak the stained white clothing in an equal half and half mixture of water and Hydrogen Peroxide.
  2. Soak the clothing for 30 minutes. After soaking it, wash your clothing with cold water and let your clothing dry. If the stains are still visible after the first soaking, repeat the process but add more concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Another way of removing sweat stains is the use of baking soda. Here is how to remove it with baking soda:

  1. Mix a solution of baking soda and a small amount of water. The solution should turn into a thick paste. Once you have the paste done, scoop some of it and with a toothbrush, brush the solution on your clothing’s sweat stains.
  2. You should leave the paste on the stains for at least 20 minutes. Rinse the paste off by washing the clothes as you normally would but paying special attention to the stains. Wash the clothing in cold water with a detergent.

If you keep your clothing free from sweat stains, you will discover that it will last longer and would not smell bad. The yellowish stains harden and may eventually crack the fibers of your clothing. Removing perspiration stains is highly advisable.


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