How To Remove Spots and Stains from Wallpaper

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While wallpapers are great enhancement tools to make a room look better and trendier, keeping it clean is a whole other ballgame. Sooner or later, your new wallpaper will attract various stains from oil, grease, food, and crayons. Whether your wallpaper is vinyl or non-vinyl, the removal of these stains can be quite tricky. However, with a little know-how and some patience, you should have your wallpaper looking clean and fresh in no time.

Determine the stain and wallpaper material. Before even laying the groundwork for the wallpaper stain removal methods, your first step will consist of identifying the substance of the stain and the material of the wallpaper. Each stain will need a different method in cleaning and removing it. The same is dependent on the material of the wallpaper as well. Vinyl and non-vinyl wallpaper will require a different process and cleaning solutions dependent on the stain on it.

Oil and grease stains. Oil and grease stains can be tricky to remove from both vinyl and non-vinyl wallpaper. For vinyl wallpaper, you will want to make a cleaning solution consisting of water and liquid detergent. Dip a part of the rag in the solution and scrub the stained area on the wallpaper. Get another rag and dip it with clean water. Rinse the stained area by rubbing the wet rag with clean water on the stained portion. Repeat the process until the stain is gone. For non-vinyl wallpaper, sprinkle a thick layer of talcum powder on the stained portion of the wallpaper. Allow the powder to sit and harden before brushing it off with a paintbrush. Repeat the process until the stain disappears.

Food stains. For vinyl wallpapers, you will want to remove any excess food residue by scraping it off. Get an old toothbrush with soft bristles and dip into the same detergent mixture that you created for grease and oil stains. Brush the spot to loosen any residue sticking to the wallpaper. For non-vinyl wallpaper, scrape any excess food residue and use a simple pencil eraser to remove any residue and stain left by the food.

Crayon marks. A good dry cleaning solution or silver polish should do the trick for both vinyl and non-vinyl wallpaper. Pour a small amount of the preferred solution onto a clean rag and scrub the stain off with it. Continue until you notice that the crayon marks disappear. If you have done all you can and a mark still remains, try to rub a mixture of bleach and water onto the stained area to completely whiten the mark.

Ink stains. For ink stains on wallpaper, you will need to find out if your wallpaper will have an adverse reaction to bleach. If it does not, pour a minute amount of bleach onto a cotton swab and lightly rub the stained area. The ink should disappear after a few minutes of rubbing. When this happens, get another cotton swab and dip it in clean water. Rub the swab on the area to rinse the bleach off.

Bear in mind that some stains may prove more difficult to remove than others. If this is the case, visit your local home supply store and look for commercial cleaners that are wallpaper friendly. Consult their in-house experts to get the best solution for the stain.


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