How To Remove Spots on Glassware

Preparing for a dinner party can be busy and nerve-wracking enough without discovering that your glasses are covered with spots. Prevent this irritation from ruining your evening or distracting your guests by removing spots on glassware and preventing them from coming back to be a problem.

  1. Make certain the water is hot. Your dishwater needs to be as hot as you can stand it. If washing dishes by hand, you need to have the water as hot as you can stand it without burning your hands. Or use the highest heat cycle on your dishwasher.
  2. Cut back on the soap. One reason that people notice spots on glasses and dishes is because they overuse soap in the dishwasher and when hand washing dishes. Using too much soap leads to a filmy or cloudy appearance to the glassware because they don't get rinsed clean.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with clean, hot water. When you rinse the water should start hot and should make sure that all the soap is removed before you dry the glassware.
  4. Treat hard water stains with vinegar (optional). If you notice the glassware still has a filmy surface after being washed then you might have mineral deposits that have built up from the hard water in your home. Take the extra step of dissolving those stains in vinegar. Fill a bowl with white vinegar. Dip the glass into the vinegar then rinse. If you use a dishwasher that has a container for a spot remover or liquid, consider using a tablespoon or two of vinegar in the dishwasher to reduce calcium and hard water build up.
  5. Wipe dry. Once the glassware is clean and stains removed, use a clean, soft towel to dry the glasses inside and out.

Spots on your glassware can ruin a special dinner or event so prevent this nuisance by taking a few simple steps. Plan ahead and you will have plenty of time to remove spots on your glassware.


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