How To Remove Stains from Kitchen Tables

There is nothing more inviting than a clean kitchen table. Aside from the aroma of food, knowing that the place observes good sanitation makes your mind at ease. Therefore, if you spot some stains in your kitchen table, play as a monster to these uninvited guests.

Especially if you have wood tables, they are very much vulnerable to dirt. So to preserve the elegance and beauty of your table sets, make sure you know how to remove stains. Usually, the solution for this problem can all be found within the four walls of your home.

Water and White Heat Stains

One of the most common problems in wood tables is the water stain. This usually occurs when liquid and other foods spill into the surface of your precious mission tables as well as kitchen stools. Aside from this, your tables can contain white heat stains brought about by placing hot dishes on it. Well, you don’t have to get a new one when you are stuck with this problem. Here’s a simple step that you can do to bring back the perfection in your mission tables:

  1. Clean the top of the table first. Make sure there are no spills on it. Dry it with a towel.
  2. Get an iron and plug it to heat. Be reminded not to place the heating iron on the table’s surface.
  3. Grab a cotton cloth with the thickness of a kitchen towel. Press it on the surface where there is a water or white heat stain.
  4. Gently press the iron to the cloth a few seconds at a time. Make sure to move it back and forth to cover all the areas with stain. Repeat this step over and over until such time that the stain is not visible anymore.
  5. Do steps three and four on other surfaces with the same stains.

Other Stains

There are a lot more other kinds of stains that you can see in your pedestal table than the water stains and the white heat ones. Though they are different in nature, there is something similar between all these stains. That is you can always erase them on the surface of your precious table. Here are other table stains and how you can work on them:

  • Grease stains. Pour some salt on the surface with a stain. Let it sit there for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, remove the salt and place a new one again. Repeat this process until the grease stain is removed. Another good way to remove grease stains is to let a cloth with a wood cleaning solvent sit on the surface for around five minutes. Once removed, you will notice that the stain is gone.
  • Milk stains. Work on this by rubbing the cloth with ammonia on the stained surface. Afterwards, let it dry by wiping the table with a dry cloth.
  • Dried stains. Make a paste out of powdered pumice and some linseed oil. Using a cloth, rub the paste onto the stained surface. You need to repeat this process until the stain disappears.

So there, you not only preserved the beauty of your table sets and kitchen stools but you also created an atmosphere of cleanliness in your dining area.


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