How To Remove Water Stains from Hardwood Floors

When it comes to flooring, hardwood is gaining in popularity because of its durability, style, and ease of maintenance. Unlike carpets, the hardwood floor does not harbor smells. Unlike vinyl flooring or linoleum, hardwood floors are much more durable and can last for years. Finally, hardwood floors come in a variety of materials and designs, which can be just as stylish as tile flooring. One of the problems with hardwood floors, however, is water stains. Here’s how you can remove water strains from hardwood floors.

Cleaning. Make sure that the floor is cleaned. Do this by applying denatured alcohol on the surface of the wood. Use a soft cloth to apply the denatured alcohol. The denatured alcohol will not only remove the dirt, but the volatile nature of the denatured alcohol will also help to dry out the wood and hasten the removal of moisture that may still be intact in the hardwood floors.

Sanding. Next, you will need to sand the hardwood floors. When water is allowed to set on the hardwood, it will create stains that are not easily removed. Using a sander will remove the layer of stain that the water has left. Usually, 150 grit sandpaper is enough. Stronger sandpaper can damage the hardwood floor and create sanding marks, while softer sandpaper will not be able to remove the water stains quickly on the floor. You can manually sand the floor, but it is best to use random orbital sanders. These sanders do not follow a pattern and will minimize the typical swirls in the traditional sanders. If you choose to sand by hand, make sure that you do this gently to prevent swirl marks.

Mineral spirits. Next, apply mineral spirits on the surface of the water stain. The mineral spirits will help to remove the final traces of polyurethane or varnish on the surface of the hardwood. Most of the polyurethane finish will have been removed by the sander, but thoroughly removing the polyurethane is important if you want to get a good finish on the hardwood floors.

Varnishing. Allow the mineral spirits to dry out. Afterwards, take polyurethane and apply it with a paintbrush. You should apply the polyurethane varnish in only one direction, and you need to apply two coats of the varnish at least. Before applying the second coat, make sure that you allow the first coat to dry out and be absorbed into the hardwood floor. Before applying the second coat, you can sand the hardwood floor gently by hand, just to smoothen the finish. Apply the second coat and wait overnight for the hardwood to absorb the coat, before returning the furniture in the room or in the part of the floor that has been water stained.

A few accidents inside the house are inevitable. If you find your hardwood floors stained with water, these steps should help you clean up the mess and return your hardwood floor to its previous look. You can also use these steps to refinish your hardwood floors once the flooring has become dull.


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