How To Repair a Clothes Dryer

Like most appliances in the household, the clothes dryer is one of those that get used a lot, but are often taken for granted. So when they eventually break down, more often than not, it would already be a complicated procedure or if not complicated, would be quite costly. So your only alternative would be to try to repair it yourself. Before starting on dismantling your dryer, make sure you have your clothes dryer’s manual with you.

  1. Basic safety measures. Before operating on your dryer, make sure to check for the basic safety measures. Make sure that the machine is unplugged, and if it is a gas dryer, make sure that the gas supply is turned off or detached, whatever applies for your type of dryer.
  2. Electrical connections. These could involve any type of problems that may not make your electric dryer run, like the electric ignition is not working or the circuit breaker had blown. You can either reset or change this. This may contribute to the slow heating of your dryer, or it may not heat up at all. Go through all the pages of your manual for connections that may have a major effect on your machine’s performance.
  3. Defective parts. Another factor that may cause the malfunction of your machine would be the parts. Some may have been already worn out, or improper usage may have clogged them from working properly. You can replace these parts at your local electronics shop, or if it is a Maytag dryer, you may be able to order a drum belt, support rollers or motor bearings. The door of the dryer is also another factor. If it does not close properly, it could affect the performance of your dryer. Make sure to have the necessary tools to remove these parts and replace them. If you have a gas dryer, turn off the gas connection and check your pilot light for problems before trying again. If the dryer smells like gas, do not turn it on and make sure the pilot light or the house’s gas supply is shut off and the windows open before trying to turning it on again. Make sure that the smell of gas has become mild or has disappeared before using fire in the room or using a cellular phone.
  4. Vent. If your dryer takes too long to dry up, there could be problems with your dryer’s vent. If your vent goes all the way out of the house, then you have to check the whole length of the dryer’s vent to see if there are any blockages. You may also want to check on your lint trap and clean it to check if your dryer will dry faster after performing this task. If you cannot manually clean the vent’s passage, you can try using a vacuum cleaner like in refrigerator repair, but make sure to countercheck with your manual before trying this, because different machines have different delicate parts.

Before starting to worry about your limited clothes line, make sure to check all the parts of your dryer before consulting with the professional. It can save you a lot of money by being careful with the repair, and taking care of how you use your dryer. You can also check for reviews and ratings for the type of dryer you have. Other people will have some advice to share about the brand of dryer you may have, so make sure to browse them.


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