How To Repair a Scorched Garment

It can get very frustrating when a favorite garment is scorched, either by accident or by negligence; or more irritatingly by someone else who wasn't paying any attention to how hot the iron was! There is no need, however to despair, since scorch marks can be easily removed using any of the methods discussed here. Just follow the simple instructions and you can have any scorched garment repaired within no time at all!

Step 1

Materials required.

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Iron
  • Ice-cold water
  • White vinegar
  • Clean scraps of cloth for wiping

Step 2

Treating with hydrogen peroxide. For this method, dip a piece of clean cloth in hydrogen peroxide until it is fully soaked. Spread this cloth over the scorched area and press with a mildly hot iron. If the stain persists after the first round, repeat the steps as above until the scorch mark has fully disappeared. This method can be used on any type of cotton or linen fabrics and is the quickest and most effective way to repair a scorched garment.

Step 3

Treating with cold water. Pour really ice-cold water all over the scorched area and then allow the garment to air-dry. Alternatively, place the scorched garment in a bucket and pour lots of cold water over the fabric. Let it soak for about 24 hours and then dry the garment in natural light. You'll find that, with both variations, the scorch marks usually disappear completely!

Step 4

Treating with white vinegar. As in step 2, soak a clean cloth in undiluted white vinegar and rub all over the scorched area. Next, dip another clean cloth in water and rub over the same area that you applied the white vinegar. Once done, iron the garment as you normally would, including the rubbed area, where you'll find the scorch marks are gone.

Step 5

Treatment for other kinds of fabric. While any of the three methods listed above can be used for all kinds of cotton and linen fabrics, you may want to give a miss to the hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar methods, when it comes to delicate fabrics such as wool. When you find scorch marks on a woolen garment, use fine-grained emery paper to rub all over the scorch mark. This ensures that the scorch mark is removed without causing any damage to the fabric. To avoid getting scorch marks on your garments in the first place, check and set the iron on the correct settings for different types of fabrics. When ironing garments made out of silk, polyester, etc, keep the iron on a mild setting and place a clean white cotton cloth over the garment and then iron.

Follow the tips listed above to avoid getting scorch marks on your garments and if you still find that you've scorched the garment in spite of taking the necessary precautions; then use any of the remedies discussed in this article, to repair them.


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