How To Repair a Table Lamp

A lamp can give any room a certain kind of glow. It sets the mood for whatever plan you have in mind. It can serve as something basic like giving light for reading or just adding that certain flair to your home. Table lamps are the most commonly used in households. They can, however, sometimes fail and you need to see how you can fix them.

When fixing a table lamp, you have to be careful in handling it. Whether it’s a Stiffel lamp or a Tiffany lamp, it’s worth a little bit of loving care. You can repair your own table lamp by going through the list below.

  1. When you are sitting at your couch and you feel like you are in a bar with blinking lights, then it is time to check your lamp’s bulb. If it lights a few seconds then dies down tighten the bulb screw. Tightening usually works if your bulb is still working. Make sure you turn it off first. You do not want to be electrocuted.
  2. If the bulb does not light, go and grab another table lamp or if you have a home tester then put the bulb there. If it still does not work. It is time to go get your car and drive out to buy a new one.
  3. Sometimes, there is a problem with the electricity source. Unplug your table lamp and plug in another small appliance, better yet get a touch lamp you have in another room and check if it works.
  4. If there is a problem with the socket shell, you can remove it by using a screwdriver. You just need to try hard to remove it out of the base at best you could by squeezing or pulling, this is preferable than using a tool.
  5. In putting in the new socket you need to remove or take off an inch or less of the insulation wire with a wire stripper. You would not want to keep the wire ends of the old one because it most probably would not work.
  6. Wire strippers have different sizes, so depending on what type of accent lamp you are working on, it usually is with eighteen notches. Once this is done just connect the wires from the way it was and put the new socket on.
  7. If the damage is on the harp, just get pliers and pull it back into shape. Use a vice if you have one to bend it back better and more quickly.
  8. If putting back the harp is a lost cause. Buy a new one. Take the old one with you to make sure you get the same size.
  9. If you have trouble with the fabric shade of your table lamp, just take off the old shade with a pair of scissors. Be careful to cut it from the edges and as a whole. Make it a pattern for the new shade and sew it around the frame. It is easier than changing a hanging lamp’s shade,

You can always go out to find a shop to repair your table lamp but if it is something you think you can do then just do it. It saves you money and can train you for future repairs.


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