How To Repair and Wash Wool Clothing

Wool clothing is precious like a gem. Wrong handling of wool clothing can easily damage it, defeating its elegant purpose. Therefore, it is always a must to know how to properly take care for this type of garment. Whether it is wool sweaters, a wool shirt, wool blanket, or wool pants, every kind needs to be given proper attention. Repairing and washing each piece, you need to follow proper procedures to ensure a long lasting wool garment.

Repairing Tips

Here are some of the common problems that a wool shirt, wool jacket, wool blanket, and other kinds of wool clothing would face. Together with the problem are some of the ways for repairing the damage:

  • Tiny balls. When used frequently, a wool shirt, wool jacket, wool blanket, as well as wool sweaters can develop some tiny balls in most parts. The best way to get rid of these balls is “defuzzing.” You can use a small battery-operated device that merely functions to remove these unnecessary balls. Razor blades are effective tools for defuzzing, but you need to be extra careful not to cut the wool garment itself.
  • Insect-caused damage. In cases like this, it is better to bring the clothing to a re-weaver for repair. This is usually done using a fabric kit that comes with the wool garment when purchased.
  • Wool shrinking. When the wool is not washed properly, expect it to shrink. When it happens, you need to soak it in warm water for around 10 minutes and then squeeze the excess water. Once it is dry, you can carefully stretch the garment back to its original shape.

Washing Tips

Unlike cotton, wool clothing is sensitive when it comes to washing. The best way to clean wool clothing is through dry cleaning. However, it can also be washed in water and soap following careful instructions such as the following:

  1. Soak the item first in cold water for a few hours before washing it. This is to stop the material from shrinking.
  2. Use the proper soap for cleaning wool items. There are ready-made solutions in the market or you can use baby shampoo or light detergent that is dissolved in water first.
  3. Do not rub the garment against itself, as it will only cause felting. Squishing and rinsing are smart ways to get rid of the dirt.
  4. To dry, simply remove the excess water with a towel by rolling it inside and then lightly squeezing and pressing it. Afterwards, let it dry in fresh air. 

When you know how to properly care for your wool garments, you will definitely be sure that they will last longer than you expected. Your wool sweaters can definitely last as long as leather coats given that you take care of them properly. So be smart by carefully following the care tips in any wool clothing that you purchased.


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