How To Repair Gas Furnaces

Most of us pay no heed to how our gas furnaces work in our homes. It's not unless the gas furnace starts conking out or stops functioning altogether that we start checking it out in the basement. Outlined here are some of the more common problems gas furnaces typically have and the corresponding steps to repair them.

  1. Verify the temperature settings if the gas furnace does not produce sufficient heat. More often than not, it's incorrect temperature settings that cause the problem in gas furnaces. Always make sure that it is set in heat mode with the sufficient temperature setting.
  2. Check the gas furnace's power source. If the gas furnace has a pilot light, then check to see if it is lit.
  3. Check to see if the gas furnace's air filter is clean. Sometimes, the gas furnace just does not output sufficient heat even if its temperature is set correctly. When this happens, then it might be high time you check its air filter. Air filters should be inspected regularly so as to make sure that harmful minute particles are not blown back into the air that you breathe inside your home. Refer to the manual to know where the air filter is located in your gas furnace. Hold up the air filter to check if sufficient amounts of light pass through it. If not, then it will need some cleaning or replacing. Fiberglass filters, as with those made from paper, need to be changed. You can buy these from the local hardware store. Air filters that use foam can be cleaned with soap and water and hung to dry before you replace them in their frame.
  4. Check that the gas furnace's belt is set correctly. Sometimes a gas furnace switches on and off for no reason at all. If this is the case, then check its belt. Some gas furnace belts may not be set adequately tight. Adjust accordingly to address the problem. Also, the belt will need a replacement if it is too worn out.
  5. Add some lubricating oil to the gas furnace's shafts. Place some lubricating oil in the gas furnace's blower shaft regularly to avoid problems such as corrosion buildup, which could in turn result in the furnace turning on or off on its own.

Gas furnaces are an important home appliance. It's what we turn to during long freezing periods, and it's what helps cool the air during a bout of really dry weather. This is why it should always be properly maintained. However, there may be some troubleshooting steps that could render your warranty useless, so you may want to call for a professional's assistance instead.


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