How To Repair LCD Inverter Board and Cable

An LCD inverter board is a very important part in laptop computers and televisions. It is like a back light. It is designed to conveniently illuminate your LCD screen or monitors. But what will you do if suddenly, your laptop screen goes off and just wouldn't turn on?  Is there any way you can fix it all by yourself?  It is, after all, expensive to have it repaired by a technician. Don't you worry, read these detailed and easy steps on how to restore your LCD screen properly.

  1. Buy the right kind of inverter board with a matching new cable. Check your manual so you can determine what type and model that you currently have. After acquiring it, remove the battery of your laptop and disconnect the power source.
  2. On the edges, separate the LCD screen cover very carefully by using a flat-ended screwdriver. The first thing that you will see is the motherboard. There should be a cable attached to it. Detach the cable and put it aside first. Make sure you do not forget the ports from where you disconnected the cable.
  3. You will notice rubber stoppers on the screen edges. Gently ease them out using the screwdriver. Then start loosening the screws that you will see once the rubber stoppers have been removed.
  4. Remove the screen. You can now see the inverter board. You need to detach the board by first taking out the strip of tape that you will see that covers the screws. Then unscrew it from its bed.
  5. Now that you have completely extracted the inverter board, get your new inverter board and place it gently on the bed. Carefully connect it with the screws.
  6. On your motherboard, reconnect your newly bought cable to the right port. Make sure everything is correctly in place.
  7. Put back the LCD screen on together with the rubber stoppers and the screws. Reattach the motherboard cable to the screen cover and return it on the laptop case. Again, make sure you do all this very lightly to avoid damage.
  8. Put the batteries back on and reconnect the power cable. Turn on your laptop. Check if the screen lights up and your laptop's brand name appears. If it does, then you have successfully fixed your previously busted inverter board and cable. If not, double check all connections and try again.

Here's a couple of reminders:

  • All detached parts and screws (especially the screws!) should be carefully placed in one area where it is safe, dry and can be easily found. Always remember where you put it.
  • Make sure your hands are dry before you start repairing your screen.
  • Handle and do everything with care.

See, you really don't need to be a tech-guru to learn how to repair your own LCD inverter board and cable. And you definitely do not have to depend on a costly technician. All you need is yourself, your logical mind, a clear eyesight and able hands to fix it. Just make sure to be careful in following these instructions. Good luck!


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