How To Repair Your Own Gutter

One of the basic parts of a roof's construction is the gutter. A gutter or rain gutter is a component of the roofing system. It is a small narrow tunnel used to collect the rainwater from the roof. Downspouts on the other hand, are used to drain the water from the gutter. They are used to avoid leaks inside the house and water overflow from the gutter. If you want to integrate fashion and function, you can use rain chains as gutter drainage.

There are several materials used in gutter construction. These are lead, zinc, aluminum, PVC, galvanized steel, stone, wood and copper. There are three types of gutters: the box gutters, the rain gutters and the continuous gutters. The box gutters are wide. They are mostly created within the roof structure to make it hidden.

Rain gutters have gutter screens. These screens are used to filter any objects that can cause the gutter's draining system to clog. The continuous gutters are produced according to the length of the roof. This is to ensure that the gutters are leak-free, therefore reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Sometimes, even if you take care of the gutters, small problems are really unavoidable. It is important to repair them early to avoid further issues. If you are on a tight budget, here are tips on how you can repair your own gutter.

  • Evaluate the damage. This can give you a more in-depth approach on how and what type of damage the gutter has. It can also provide you an idea on what tools and items are needed for the repair.
  • Clean the gutter. Aside from the repair, you can also prevent further damage from the other parts of the gutter. Once done, focus on the area where the problem originates. Use a brush and water to clean the affected area.
  • Plaster the holes with roofing cement. After the affected area is cleaned, you can plaster the holes. For bigger holes, use a sheet metal for covering. Then carefully plaster the edges with roofing cement to secure the metal and avoid further leaks.

If the damage is large and you cannot repair it yourself, it is better to hire a specialist. You can hire local siding contractors to help you. One company that creates continuous gutter systems is LeafGuard. They are also roofing contractors that provide high-quality roofing systems. LeafGuard also has machines used for roof and gutter installation.

Doing this task is easy. Using these tips can help and provide you with an idea on how to properly repair you own gutter. 


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