How To Repel Spiders from a Room

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Spiders are natural predators that eat other bugs and insects that may want to live in your home. These insects usually protect your home more than they hurt anything but if you have a fear of spiders you might need to get them out of your house. Follow these steps and you should be able to repel spiders from any room.

  1. Chase them down and squash them. The simplest method is to chase a spider and kill it as soon as you see it. Use a flyswatter, rolled up newspaper or even the bottom of your shoe to squash the bug then remove it from the room. If you see a nest or place where spiders have gathered, then squash them all.
  2. Keep the corners clean. You can prevent spiders from infesting a room by keeping it clean. Spiders are attracted to warm, dark spaces so the corners of rooms and closets are most appealing. Keep these areas clean at all times.
  3. Remove access points. Find out how the spiders are getting into your house. Is there a loose piece of siding on the exterior of the house? Or maybe they track in around windows and door frames. Check the exterior of your home to make sure all openings are sealed, caulked and secure to prevent creatures from getting inside. Remember that spiders like other insects will travel up the pipes and cable or phone lines in order to enter the house. Make sure those access points are also sealed.
  4. Try a natural method. Eucalyptus, hedge apples and maybe even chestnuts might repel different types of spiders. You might consider a potpourri with one of these ingredients to scent the room. You are better off with a dried version of these items instead of a fresh version since fresh fruits and nuts will attract other types of bugs quickly.
  5. Dust using a lemon cleaner. Spiders are also repelled by lemony cleaners. Use a lemon scented dust polish to clean all wood surfaces. Consider wiping down all your window and door trims as well to help keep the spiders from entering in the first place.
  6. Call for pest control. If the natural options fail, you might need a pesticide to remove a spider problem. Call your local pest control service and schedule a visit to spray and treat the house. They can rid your rooms of spiders as well as several other types of pests.

Spiders are a natural pest control option but if you aren't willing to keep them in your house, you can evict them by following these steps. Repel the spiders for an insect free space.


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