How To Replace a Garbage Disposal

Here are some guidelines on how to properly replace your garbage disposal.

  1. Turn off power. Make sure to turn off power in any electrical fuse to avoid accidents.
  2. Disconnect tube from the waste disposer. Using pliers, disconnect the only tube connected to the garbage disposal.
  3. Remove the food waste disposal from the sink. Slightly pull or push the disposal. Using a screwdriver to loosen the mounting ring which connects the garbage disposal to the sink.
  4. Disconnect tubes and wiring from the cover plate. Turn the garbage disposal up side down. Under the garbage disposal is the electrical cover plate. Using a screwdriver, disconnect tubes and connectors from the plate by loosening screws.
  5. Remove the knockout plug. Turn the garbage disposal to the side. Remove the dishwasher knock out plug (if using) with screwdriver and hammer.
  6. Replace the electrical cover plate. Remove the old electrical cover plate then secure the wiring and connectors from the garbage disposal to the electrical cover plate. No breakage of wiring and connectors signify a successful removal of the old electrical plate. Double-check the wiring and connectors if they need thorough repair. Damaged wiring suggest that you consult the nearest waste disposal service. Replacement of the cover plate is needed to protect exposed wiring.
  7. Connect the garbage disposal back to the sink mounting assembly. Turn the garbage disposal upright and connect it to the sink mounting assembly. Turn the disposal three times clockwise to lock the disposal from the sink mounting assembly. Make sure that the disposal hangs alone from the sink mounting assembly.
  8. Connect the tube from the disposal. Take the metal flange and the rubber gasket to the discharge tube. Connect the tube in the garbage disposal.
  9. Using a hose clamp, attach the drain hose to a dishwasher inlet. This process is for garbage removal.
  10. Switch on power. Before switching the power on, double-check everything in the garbage disposal then turn it on. Check for leaks, waste, power failure and so on by test running the machine.

Remember that these are just the basic tips in properly replacing the garbage disposal. Every household may have a different garbage disposal. Do not scrutinize the machine once you know that the problem is too complicated. Always consult a professional in addressing complicated and situations you are unsure of.


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