How To Replace a Water Heating System

The very first step to replacing your water heater is to pick out one from the store. Take into account when choosing one how much room you have to install this one. After doing so you are ready to start the process. You will need to turn off the electricity or gas, whichever you have the hot water tank running on, however it is better to turn off the entire house electricity or the main shut off to the gas to make sure everything is off.

Next you will need to drain your heater, the valve should be at the bottom of your heater. If a gas hot water tank is in your home, make sure you check the vent pipe and make sure it is separate from the draft hood.  Make sure the pilot light is out then disconnect the gas from the hot water heater and cap it.

Next you will need to remove the old heater. The pipes are connected with removable threaded fittings and can be easily removed with a pipe wrench. If you happen to have a pipe without a removable threaded fitting you will need to saw the pipe off and replace it. Make sure you dispose of the heater properly.

Now you are ready to install the new hot water heater. Move your new heater in to place where the old one once was. Be careful not to lift this by yourself, it is heavy even though it is not full of water.

Now connect your hot and cold water connections. The way to accomplish this it by using flex connectors, they are easily bendable to what you need.

For threaded pipes on your heater you should have threads on both the hot and cold water lines. You will want to make sure you replace all the piping on your hot water tank along with the nipples for the top of the water heater.

Using plumbers tape on the male threads entering the flex connectors will help secure your connection and make sure it is a tight fit. The flex connectors will fit directly to the ends of the threaded pipes. Some flex connectors will install to copper tubing without soldering.

Overall this is an easy process and shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to complete. The hot water tank, also known as the heat boiler, is one of the most important items in your home and a lot of us are lost when we do not have any hot water. So, if it is time to replace your unit do not worry it is not a hard project to accomplish; it will just take a little time and patience to do so.


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