How To Restring a Drawstring

It's very annoying when you get your laundry out of the dryer to find that the drawstring of your drawstring shorts, pants or sweatshirt has come out. Or maybe your toddler or pet has been having fun with them and has pulled it out. In any case, it can be a frustrating process to get the string back through. Here are some helpful hints as to restring a drawstring.

  1. Untwist a regular wire hanger, taking off the coiled part at the end. You want the end of the hanger as smooth as possible so it won't snag on the fabric. Tape one end of the drawstring securely to the end on the hanger and start to feed it through the first hole of the clothing. It's helpful to have a slight bend in the wire hanger since it has to go in a circular direction. Work the hanger through the tunnel slowly until you come to the second opening. Once you have the wire through the second hole, take off the tape, and maneuver the drawstring making it even on both sides. Go ahead and tie the drawstring as you normally would. A wire hanger is good to use with heavier materials like cotton. The sharp end will have a harder time puncturing the fabric.
  2. If the fabric you are working with is a delicate fabric, such as lace or satin, here's an alternative way. Instead of using a wire hanger, that could easily puncture the fabric, use a safety pin. Put the pin on one end of the string and put it into the first hole. Slowly work the pin through the clothing, by inching your way through. Bunch the fabric up and grab the top end of the safety pin. As you're holding the top end, pull the fabric taught, and then start to bunch the fabric again and work your way through. Once you reach the second hole and are through it, take the safety pin off, and arrange the drawstring evenly and tie it as you normally would. Using the safety pin method does take patience, but it can be done in a few minutes.
  3. To avoid losing the drawstring of clothing in future washings, or to the playfulness of clever pets and children, it's a good idea to tie the drawstring in a double knot. And if it does happen again, you now have a clear way of putting the drawstring back where it belongs.


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