How To Reuse DVD Cases

Green is in. In this time and age, it just won't do for us to be wasteful. We must all do our share and help our dear Mother Earth save her natural resources. And since it's also the DVD age and we're all DVD buffs, one sure way of helping nature is by reusing our DVD cases. Not only will doing this help conserve our natural resources. It'll also save you a LOT of space. As much as we like watching DVDs, their packaging is just way too bulky.

  • One surefire way of reusing them is by looking for people who want to buy them from you. Check out your local library to see if they need blank DVD cases to replace the worn-out cases of their media collection. It is also a good idea to go to your local college and seek those who are studying film or mass media. Most probably, the students would need a lot of empty DVD cases for their school projects.
  • There are also companies who are in the business of buying blank DVD cases. You can check the Internet for these companies. It's better if you collect your DVD cases, so you can sell them in lots. Besides, you'd have to ship them to the company buying them, and it would be more expensive if you ship them piecemeal and one at a time.
  • If you don't want the extra cost of shipping the DVD cases, then visit the video shops around your neighborhood and offer to sell them your DVD cases. Don't expect too much income though. You'd probably have to sell them for a cheap price. After all, these video shops already have tons of DVD cases themselves.
  • If you have little kids at home, you could use the blank DVD cases for educational purposes. Remove the paper from inside the plastic packaging of the DVD, and then put your own drawings inside. This way, the paper containing the pictures or words won't be easily crumpled or torn. You could put a different letter inside the plastic cover of each DVD case, and you'll instantly have a complete set of alphabet blocks!
  • The DVD cases could also be transformed into photo frames. Remove the cover inside the plastic packaging of the DVD and insert your own photo in it. Make the case stand upright vertically or horizontally, whichever way you prefer it.
  • DVD cases could also be used as canvases for art. Just glue several pieces together and paint on the connected piece, or insert artistic images on each DVD case. Display this piece of DVD art in your living room or a local coffee shop. It would be pretty cool!

Blank DVD cases could have a lot of uses. You just have to be creative. So the next time you think of throwing them in the garbage bin, think again. There are many ways of reusing those DVD cases. These cases are light and slim, making them portable and easy to carry anywhere you might go. So go reuse them. Let's make the recycling revolution even better and bigger.


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