How To Sanitize a Mattress

Mattresses make sleep a pleasure. Mattresses, however, will need to be sanitized every now and then to prevent mold, mildew, and parasites from growing and spreading in the mattress. Because the mattress is where you will spend up to a third of each day in as you sleep, ensuring that the mattress is clean is important. Here are some steps to sanitizing a mattress.

Infection. First of all, you need to know how a mattress can become dirty. When people use the mattress, hair, dead skin cells, and even microbes will eventually rub off the mattress. Because the mattress is hollow, made of fabrics and fillers, and highly absorbent, it will foster the growth of germs quickly. For example, if you are sick, the mattress will likely be infected with some of the germs that you have while you are sick.

Bedding. To start sanitizing your mattress, start by removing all of the bedding and coverings on your bed. This includes the bed sheet, the down covers, the pillows and the pillow covers. Make sure that you wash all of these items. Even if you clean the mattress, it will become dirty again if you reuse the same unwashed beddings.

Disinfectants. Next, select a disinfectant that you can use on your mattress. Windex Antibacterial Cleaner is one of the good disinfectants that you can use. Whatever disinfectant you use, just make sure that the disinfectant kills 99.99 percent of germs, but are gentle enough on your skin to not cause allergies and harsh reactions. Take a small bowl of warm water and mix a few drops of the disinfectant. Mix well and then use a clean piece of cloth dipped in the solution to clean the mattress.

Wiping. To clean the mattress, take the cloth and dip it in the solution. Wring out the excess water from the cloth, so that the mattress will not stain and become unnecessarily moist. Use the cloth to rub the bed in sections. If you notice that the cloth you use for rubbing the bed has dried out, simply dip the cloth in the solution and wring out the excess water.

Drying. Wipe the entire bed with the disinfectant formula from the front to the back. Afterwards, allow the mattress to dry by itself for about an hour. Afterwards, you can sprinkle odor removing powder sanitizers on top of the bed. This will also help dry out the bed. Use a vacuum to remove the powder afterwards.

Airing. Finally, consider placing the mattress outdoors on a sunny day for several hours. Direct sunlight and plenty of air will often bring wonders in refreshing down covers and mattresses. Sunlight also effectively dries out the moisture that gets trapped in mattresses and which often causes molds and mildews. Make sure, however, that you do not leave the mattress outdoors overnight, since night air can be quite moist and foggy, which will only make the mattress even more moist.

With these steps, you should be able to sanitize and disinfect your mattress, making it fit for use again.


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