How To Sanitize Infant Toys

It’s not always necessary to sanitize toys everyday. But if you want to keep everything clean and safe for babies, sanitizing infant toys will help a lot. This way, spreading of communicable diseases will be lessened. As they say, preventing diseases is always better than curing them.

There are many ways to prevent diseases through sanitizing infant toys. Here are some options:

  • Baking soda. Stuffed toys are a little harder to sanitize but sprinkling some baking soda on the toys’ coats will make that easier. Give baking soda 15 minutes to do its job. After that, dust off the powder, preferably over your sink to avoid any mess.
You may also combine about four tablespoons of baking powder to a quart of warm water. Clean any infant toys, except for electronics, using that mixture.
  • Boiling water. Hard and more durable toys will be sanitized well if you put them in boiling water and let them in there for 10 minutes. The germs should be killed when boiling that long. Get the toys out of the boiling water after 10 minutes and air dry.
  • Dishwasher. Not only your dishes will come clean and safe out of a dishwasher, infant toys, too. Simply put the toys in the dishwasher and sanitize them by using the machine’s heat-drying option.
  • Washing machine. Stuffed toys and other toys made out of fabric can be safely sanitized in a washing machine. Use hot water, though, instead of the usual tap water. Put small toys in a net before putting them in the washing machine to prevent them from losing.
  • Sponge. Scrub off hardened dirt on plastic or wooden toys using sponge. It can be soaked in a water-detergent solution before you use it for scrubbing.
  • Vinegar. Combine equal amounts of water and vinegar in a container, preferably a handy spray bottle. Use that to sanitize toys. You can wash the toys using the mixture or spray it on the toys. Let the mixture set in the toy for about 15 minutes before you dry it off.
  • Dish detergent. What makes dish detergent safe for sanitizing infant toys is that this was particularly made to clean things we use for eating. That is why toys that the baby usually suck into can be safely sanitized using this, too. Dissolve dish detergent in hot water and use the mixture to clean teething toys.
  • Baby wipes. If you don’t have access to any of the above, then use baby wipes for emergency sanitation of baby toys. Simply wipe off the dirt from toys until the wipe is clear of any dirt.
  • Bleach. Mix a tablespoon of bleach to one gallon water. Use this mixture to wash and sanitize toys. Drain water from the toys and allow them to dry overnight for safety.

Sanitizing infant toys may take a fraction of your time. But imagine how much time you can save if you can prevent possible diseases that might strike your baby. Plus, your baby won’t suffer anything that in the first place.


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