How To Save Energy During the Holidays

Does your energy bill go ballistic during the holiday season? All those lights and decorations combined with an increase in home heating can double your energy costs at a time when you are already spending more cash than normal. Stop the flood of energy costs and save energy during the holidays by following these steps.

  1. Choose energy efficient decorations. There are several options for energy efficient decorations for the holiday. Check your local store for green options. You might also consider LED holiday lights. They use less electricity than the old fashioned bulbs and are no more expensive to purchase.
  2. Turn off decorations when you aren't home. You might want to share your decorations with the entire neighborhood all the time but this is a waste of your energy dollar. Turn them off when you are out and about. Save the money and prevent a fire hazard by turning things off when the house is empty.
  3. Set decorations on a timer. If you have a regular schedule but can never seem to remember to turn off all the decorations, then a timer is the best thing for you. Set a timer to turn the lights on thirty minutes after sundown or if you aren't home then ten minutes after you normally arrive home. The timer should be set to turn the decorations off at bedtime or after four or five hours.
  4. Use rechargeable batteries. Batteries can be costly with the toys, gifts and other household uses over the holidays. Consider investing in a battery charger and using rechargeable batteries and you'll save hundreds over the long run.
  5. Set a mood with candles. Turn off the extra lights when your holiday decorations are lit. Choose decorations that use candles instead of light bulbs and you'll save a bundle on energy costs while setting a romantic mood in your home.
  6. Turn down the thermostat. If the above steps don't save your energy bill then you might consider turning the thermostat down just two or three degrees. This reduction can save you hundreds over the course of a winter season. If you aren't willing to suffer the cold, then turn the thermostat down when the house is empty and when you are entertaining a crowd. In both circumstances the cooler temperatures won't be as noticeable.

You can save money and save energy during the holidays. With these few simple changes you can save energy without upsetting your holiday cheer.


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