How To Scent Vinegar

Most people find the scent of vinegar to be strong and harsh. Turned off by the scent, some avoid using vinegar for the excellent cleaner that it is. You don't have to avoid vinegar all together. Instead you might consider changing the scent. Follow these steps to scent vinegar and start using it in your home.


  • 2 Glass bottles (with stoppers and spray handles)
  • White vinegar
  • Dried herbs
  • Strainer
  1. Choose a simple scent. When it comes to vinegar you plan to use at home, your best bet is a simple scent. Head to your garden or home improvement store and pick up herbs such as lavender, pine, lemon, thyme or mint. Choose dried herbs or start with the fresh and allow them to dry for several days in the sunlight.
  2. Prepare your materials. Since you want to use your vinegar for cleaning you need to keep bacteria out of the bottles. Sterilize the glass bottles by boiling them submerged in water. Allow them to dry fully.
  3. Squeeze the herbs and place them into the bottle. Squeeze the herbs or roll them on a flat surface to release the scent from between the leaves and petals. Place the herbs into the bottom of the first glass bottle. Experiment with herbs through several tries to find the preferred amount of scent. The more herbs you place in the bottle, the stronger the scent will become.
  4. Add vinegar. Pour the vinegar into the bottle to combine with the herbs. Place the stopper on the bottle to seal it. Then set the bottle on a shelf out of the way for several days. This time allows the vinegar to steep and absorb the scent of the herbs.
  5. Test the mixture scent. After several days of steeping remove the stopper and try a brief sniff of the scent to be sure it is strong enough to mask the vinegar scent. If you can smell the herbs cleanly, it is done steeping.
  6. Strain the herbs. Pour the mixture over a strainer to remove the herbs.
  7. Pour the vinegar. Pour the strained and scented vinegar into the second sterilized glass bottle. Place the stopper to seal the bottle. Then store the vinegar in a dark cabinet or closet until you are ready to use it.

You can scent vinegar with a few simple steps and some patience. Select a scent that is simple yet clean and you will enjoy your new cleaner wherever you use it in your home.


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