How To Seal Wood Scratches with a Walnut

It can be very distressing to find a scratch in a favorite piece of wood furniture, or any wood item for that matter, and you may be tempted to get rid of the furniture in order to avoid a difficult, costly repair. However, there is a very simple way to seal scratches in wood without having to take the piece to a furniture repair specialist.  

You may not believe it, but the walnuts you may have in your kitchen cabinet or backyard right now can fix that wood scratch in just a few minutes. 

  1. If the walnut is still in the shell, you will need to crack the shell and remove the walnut meat. Remove any other skin casings as well.
  2. Rub the scratch in the wood from one end to the other with the walnut, moving down the length of the scratch in a circular motion.
  3. Rub the walnut straight back and forth over the scratch a few times.
  4. Leave the scratch for a few minutes, allowing the natural walnut oils time to seep into the wood and seal the scratch.
  5. Use a soft cloth to polish the area where the wood was scratched.
  6. Examine your work. The wood should be completely sealed, and no scratch should be visible. However, if there are still slight signs of the wood scratch, repeat the process until you can no longer see any scratch in the wood.

Simple, indeed! Who knew walnuts were more than just a healthy snack? 

A very important thing to remember, though - DO NOT use this method if you have a contact allergy to nuts! Even if you were to wear rubber gloves while applying the walnut to the scratch, you could still come into contact with the walnut oil in the future. Be safe and avoid the walnuts. Try an alternative route, such as placing a wet rag and a hot iron over the scratch and steaming it for a minute or two. 

Also, this walnut technique should not be used on valuable antique furniture. It is always best to take antique furniture to a professional furniture restoration specialist. However, this method of repairing scratches will work on almost any wood, not only furniture. You could use walnuts to seal scratches in wood trim, cabinets, or stair banisters. After all, if a walnut can seal a wood scratch, you're only limited by your imagination.


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