How To Select a Power Juicer

Eating naturally reaps a lot of benefits for your body in the long run. Who would not want to have fresh fruit juice everyday for better vitamin and fiber absorption? The problem is, almost all of us live a fast-paced lifestyle. Preparing fresh fruit juice in the morning thus becomes a hassle. The most convenient solution is to buy ready-made fruit juices from the supermarket.

Are you still sure that these ready-made juices are all natural? Of course not! Don't you know that fresh fruit juice straight from a power juicer is very different than your "fresh fruit juice" from the supermarket? Fruit juices and vegetable juices for this matter, still have most of their vitamins and important enzymes when they are freshly juiced. The juices in the cartons have already been added with chemical preservatives to lock in their vitamins. Getting juice from a power juicer is still the best and most convenient way of getting your daily dose of all natural vitamins and minerals.

With so many power juicers on the market today, it is very important that you know how to select the one that will suit your budget and lifestyle. Here are some points to consider:

  1. Assess your kitchen space. You can buy a large power juicer if your counter top still has a lot of space. The best power juicers are still the large counter top types. If you do not have available space, you may opt to buy a hand-held power juicer although it may not work as well as a larger power juicer. Assessing your kitchen space will also make you choose a power juicer design that will look good with your existing kitchen gadgets.
  2. Determine your future power juicer's primary use. Centrifugal juicers are suitable for almost any kind of fruit or vegetable except spinach, lettuce, and wheat grass. If you are concerned about having a power juicer that can process these vegetables, you must select a single blade or twin blade power juicer. These specialized blades give you problem-free cleaning after processing these vegetables.
  3. Consider the most liquid per fruit or vegetable factor. You wouldn't want to waste the precious vitamins and minerals in the juices would you? Choose a power juicer that wastes less juice. Find one that has the best juice compartment for holding your extracted juice.
  4. Check out the add-on features. Be prepared to pay an extra price if you want a juicer with extra functions. For instance, some power juicers add ions to the juice to give it a longer shelf life.
  5. Take note of the product warranty and blade quality. Go for a power juicer brand that has a five to ten year guarantee. Also, check the quality of the blades because having blades of poor quality will affect your power juicer's performance.

Investing in a power juicer is a wise choice for your health. Since a good power juicer may be a bit costly on your part, it would be best to know how to select the best power juicer and get the most for your money.


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