How To Select an Electric Food Dehydrator

While an electric food dehydrator may not be the most common of kitchen appliances, its uses are undeniable.  As the name suggests, a dehydrator is a device that uses heat and airflow to remove water from food and thus preserving it.  It also has the added effect of concentrating flavors of your favorite food like fruits and vegetables.  It is perfect for making tea, raisins and other recipes involving dehydrated food.  If you are thinking about obtaining one of the many commercial dehydrators out there in the market, here are a few things you have to consider.

  1. Know your financial constraints.  As nice as it sounds to have your very own electric food dehydrator, you should not purchase one if you do not have the means to do so.  The economy and practicality of you buying one must be first considered.
  2. Determine the nature of use.  Knowing what you are planning to do with your dehydrator is essential in selecting which one to buy.  If you are thinking of using it to process food on a commercial scale, for example, it is advisable for you to purchase dehydrators with larger storage space rather than buying numerous smaller ones.  On the other hand, if you are merely planning to use a dehydrator for every day kitchen activities, a regular sized one will do. 
  3. Identify the shape that will suit your needs.  The shape of an electric food dehydrator is not something you should take for granted.  The two most common shapes are the box-shaped and the circle-shaped. A box-shaped dehydrator can accommodate more food and distributes heat more evenly than circle-shaped ones.  Nevertheless, the circle dehydrators are much cheaper and handy especially when you plan to use them outdoors.  However, the biggest setback with some circle dehydrators is their lack of compartments which can result to the mixing of flavors between the foodstuffs that you are drying.                    
  4. Find out the wattage.  The amount of electricity a dehydrator consumes must also be given weight.  Contrary to popular belief, dehydrators with high wattages are more desirable because these are more effective at drying food compared to those with low wattages.  Dehydrators with a timer and temperature gauge will afford you some control over the electrical consumption.      These features will also certainly help you follow instructions found in cook books for recipes involving dehydrated food.
  5. Read product reviews.  Often, the most accessible and reliable product reviews can be found on the internet.  Since there is a wide range of commercial food dehydrators available for purchase, it is never a bad idea to read these reviews.

If you are planning to start your shopping now, always remember to consider the factors just mentioned. Getting the appropriate electric food dehydrator will not only help you maximize your money but will also help you achieve a higher level of culinary know how.


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