How To Select an Ironing Board Cover

An ironing board cover is an important consideration, when you pick up an ironing board. The types and varieties, which are available in furnishing stores, are many and here are some helpful pointers on selecting an iron board cover.

Step 1

Types of cover surfaces. Typically, the backing provided on an ironing board is made from felt or foam. Both are good surfaces for ironing; foam provides a strong surface, which helps facilitate easier ironing, while a felt surface provides a soft and smooth ironing surface.

Step 2

Types of fastening. The cover can be spread over the ironing board in two ways - an elastic fastening or a fastening made out of drawstring run through the edges of the ironing board cover. With a drawstring fastening, you can spread the cover as tight or as loose as you want it, with an elasticized fastening, the cover can be made to fit more snugly. Another advantage of both types of fastening is that you can change ironing board covers as often as you want, or simply place a new cover over the existing one.

Step 3

Metallic covers. Metallic covers are useful in providing ironing with a lower amount of power consumed. The covers facilitate direct movement of heat to the garment being ironed, these will not absorb heat, as fabric covers would. This means that the heat is directly absorbed by the garment alone, rather than the garment and cover together; giving rise to quicker ironing of your clothes with low power usage.

Step 4

Materials and designs used. In most instances 100% cotton fabric is used to make covers. Both plain, colored and printed patterns are available, with a choice of backing between felt and foam, or you can also opt for metallic covers, but the choice of colors may be limited. Other fabrics used to create ironing board covers, include soft-stretch fabrics made from artificial fibers, which are treated with silicon, which helps in transferring heat from the iron directly to your clothes.

Step 5

Maintenance. Most ironing board covers require little in terms of maintenance; you can wash them by hand or machine, and given the variety of prints and patterns available, you can keep changing these covers often, even choosing covers, which match or complement the overall décor of your home.

When you next step into a furnishing store to buy an ironing board cover, or browse online, remember, to follow the handy tips listed in this article. If you enjoy ironing, you'll definitely enjoy picking up ironing board covers from the vast ranges available!


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