How To Select and Purchase a Check Valve

Check valves are usually used in order to reduce reversal of flows in a piping system, allowing the material (liquid or gas) to flow in only one direction. These valves work upon activation by a flowing material in the pipeline. In some processing systems, check valves are installed in order to prevent contamination or overheating resulting from back flows. There are many types of check valve varying according to their purpose and these include swing check valve, double check valve, ball check valve, clapper valve, disc check valve, solenoid valve, and dual disc check valve, among others. Selecting and purchasing the most suited check valves to install in your pipe works can be as demanding as installing them. So here are some ways on how to select and purchase a quality check valve suited to your needs:

  1. Types of check valves. Before you proceed with buying a new check valve, it would be better to know some of its types commonly used in certain industries. This will give you an idea what valve is most suited to your needs. A swing check valve is oftentimes recommended in systems with gate valves because this is considerably a type of pressure reducing valve. A double check valve is employed to prevent reversal flows of the material in water supply lines, thus, keeping potentially contaminated water from siphoning back into the pipes. On the other hand, a ball valve has a closing member made of ball to block the flow. These valves are usually small and cheap and are commonly used in spray devices, manual air pumps, and refillable dispensing syringes, among others. With continued, ball check valves will eventually wear out so they are made in a way that you may replace them readily. A clapper valve contains a hinged gate which remains opened in the out flowing direction; hence, you could most likely see it being used in fire life safety systems and dry pipe systems. You can readily find check valves in various fluid systems in industrial chemical plants as well as other manufacturing processes.
  2. Check valves manufacturers. Check valves could come in a wide range of styles and shapes depending on what use it will serve. Generally a check valve manufacturer only builds a certain type of valve. If you’re thinking of replacing your check valves, various manufacturers are just a click away using your Internet. However, before purchasing a check valve, be sure you know what type of system or process you are dealing with so you can proceed with the transaction hassle-free. If you want to try brass-made valves, you can visit Zheijang Jufan Copper Industries, Ltd. in their website Also, you can check out APCO Willamette® Valve and Primer Corporation. It has been in the industry since 1895. You can visit their website at And for a complete list of check valves manufacturers, just visit and type in their search engine: check valves.

So the next time you have trouble with your pipelines, maybe it’s time to replace the check valve. You better check it early and hurry in order to prevent potential contamination or possible disruption in your pipe works.


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