How To Select and Purchase a Septic Tank

A septic tank is a sewage treatment reservoir for residential or commercial area. The main purpose of a septic tank is to be able to flush down solid wastes, break down the organic compounds that are found in wastes, kill microorganisms that cause unwanted diseases, and to remove the harmful or unpleasant chemicals, colors and odors from the wastes. An ideal septic tank is one that is able to do all of these tasks.

A septic tank can contain 1,000 to 2,000 gallons of waste. It is considered as a small scale sewage system. The septic tank is what the majority of cities and neighborhoods count on to collect their wastes.

Here are some tips on how to select and purchase a septic tank:

  1. Size Requirements. The first thing you have to consider before purchasing a septic tank is the size. For most areas, the requirement for the minimum size of the septic tank is a thousand gallons. You have to know the number of sinks and toilets that you have in your home. To be sure of the requirements, you can contact your local health department.
  2. Water Usage. Make an estimation of the water usage of the entire household for a day. Consider factors such as the number of people living in the house, any additional members that might live in the house for the coming years, and the water used in the laundry and all the other activities that you do in your house that will require water usage. Make a high estimation so that you are sure to cover all the areas of your water usage. This makes sure that you will not have future problems regarding your septic tank.
  3. Type and Size of Septic Tank. The next thing you will have to decide on is the size and the type of septic tank that you will purchase. There are a lot of tanks that are available in the market. You can choose a round design septic tank or a rectangular design septic tank. Be sure to check the capacity of the tank that you are going to purchase. When you have already gone through all the important matters, you can purchase your septic tank.

Here are some websites where you can purchase a septic tank:

  • - This website offers different products for bathrooms, heating, plumbing, kitchens, home and garden, healthcare and sewage treatment. You can purchase septic cleaning devices and Balmoral septic tanks. The cost for the tanks varies on the size and type.
  • - The Tank Depot is a company that provides different types of tanks, such as water tanks, marine tanks, RV tanks, transportation tanks, chemical storage tanks and septic tanks. You can also find different septic services and accessories from the website. They have different designs and sizes for the plastic septic tanks.

These are some of the tips and the things that you have to consider in selecting and purchasing a septic tank for your home. The websites also show the different septic tanks and the accessories that come with them.


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