How To Select Kitchen Counter Bar Stools

The kitchen is not just a portion of the house where food is cooked and prepared. It is where the family gathers together to converse, help children with homework, read the morning paper, eat meals or snacks, and so on. Sometimes friends and guests are even allowed to join in the kitchen while the woman or man of the house is preparing food to be served. In this sense, the kitchen has become a very visible and entertaining part of the house. Among the many elements in the kitchen that serve an entertaining and aesthetic purpose are the counter bar stools. Counter stools are more than just chairs. They provide a number of functions and add flair to your kitchen décor. If you are contemplating how to purchase a set of kitchen stools, consider the following items.

  1. Construction and materials. Whether you choose wooden bar stools or metal bar chairs you need to ensure that the materials and the structure are sturdy enough to withstand weight and protect the people sitting on them. Accidents are likely to happen if the stool is prone to collapse or tip. When selecting the type of counter bar stools for your kitchen, consider the frames, legs, seat and back of the chair. Check that the chair is constructed to hold weight and protect movement. There will always be tendencies like people leaning on the stools and kids playing on the bar chairs, especially if they are swivel chairs. Also go for the type that is easy to clean or maintain.
  2. Features. There are many features available such as a swivel mechanism, low back or backless, arched back, armrest, footrest, cushioned seat, adjustable height, upholstered, foldable, etc. Choose the features that are applicable for your space, setting, and purpose. Should you need to bring your counter bar chair outdoors or on the patio, the features should be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Needless to say, the ideal features are those that add stability, versatility, and comfort.
  3. Seat the height. Getting the appropriate height stool for your countertop is one of the important factors to keep in mind when choosing kitchen bar stools. For a person to sit comfortably on a counter bar stool, allow enough space for the person’s legs between the seat and the countertop. Of course you can always choose a chair with an adjustable height to address this aspect.
  4. Design and color. With so many designs available, it could be difficult to choose what is ideal for your kitchen. To make your decision simpler and wiser, select from a variety of designs which complement your furniture bar, cabinets, kitchen furnishings, or kitchen theme if any. For a kitchen area that is made mostly out of wood, it is recommended to choose complementing colors of the wood. There are light, dark, natural, and veneered colors of wood. If you are daring and good at mixing and matching colors, you can go for contrasting colors as long as the effect gives the kitchen an elegant look.

When choosing counter bar stools, considering your budget is of course an essential factor. It would be best to perform comparison shopping on the Internet prior to buying the counter stools of your choice.


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