How To Select the Right Hydraulic Pump

A hydraulic pump is a very powerful device. Normally, it would be very hard to transfer fluids from one place to another if the pressure and forces (gravity for instance) are working against the direction of the transfer. Thanks to the hydraulic pump, this sort of dilemma is solved. The hydraulic pump works by generating pressure gradients so strong that fluid would easily move from one location to the next. While this isn’t as effortless as pouring water from a pitcher, what seemed impossible before is now possible thanks to the hydraulic pump and quite an amount of power and energy.

Surprisingly, the hydraulic pump has been around for quite a time. It is fabled that the great mathematician Archimedes stumbled upon the idea of the pump by means of the water screw!

If you’re looking for the right hydraulic pump, here are the things you have to take into consideration:

  1. The first thing would be the pump’s main purpose. Different purposes would require different pumps. There are special types for industrial and chemical use, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, food and beverage, water and waste as well as flow meter systems. There are differences in the way these things are finished. Obviously, for those that are used for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverage, much care is used to make sure that the interior lining of the pipes and the pump itself doesn’t interact with the food or other products that pass through them.
  2. Each pump would have a rating that would tell you just how much fluid can it draw per given unit of time. This would allow you to have a rough estimate of just how hard the pump would work for you as far as transferring the fluid from one place to another.
  3. Get a hydraulic pump that has a great manufacturer. Pumps are meant to be very hardy devices and a company with a great reputation should be more than willing to offer extended (even lifetime) warranties for the replacement and repair of their products.
  4. Make sure that the pump company has a repair shop or service station in your state, city or country so that it would be easy to have it checked should any issues arise in the future. This could definitely save you a lot money and hassle later on. It may not seem that important now but later on, its value would definitely be tremendous.
  5. Read up on the testimonials and forum posts regarding the manufacturer and the model that you’re trying to get.

Getting the right hydraulic pump is all about knowing what you need. The pumps have already reached a certain degree of sophistication and specialization that just about every purpose would have a specific type of pump for it. Just arrange your priorities according to the specifications, price, warranty and other concerns and by no time you should be able to find the right hydraulic pump for whatever purpose that you may wish to use it for.


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