How To Set Tile on a Raised Fireplace

Ceramic tiles are an amazing material for fireplaces. Not only do they provide an elegant and clean look to your fireplace, but an effective fireproofing material as well. Here's how to set tile on your raised fireplace.

1. Purchase all the needed materials from your local hardware shop.

Choose from a variety of tile designs, colors and sizes. Just make sure that you have measured the surface of the fireplace so that you know how many pieces of tiles you will need to acquire. Additionally, buy water based tile adhesive that is heat resistant, patching plaster and grout. For tools, you need to have a putty knife, grout saw, hammer and chisel. Other things that have to be prepared are sponges, cloths, a bucket and a rubber spatula. Gloves and eye goggles are a good plus to avoid unnecessary injury. 

2. Prepare the surface.

Whether you are constructing a new fireplace or just want to replace old, cracked or stained tiles, cleaning the surface where the new tiles will be set is the first thing to do. Wear your safety goggles and gloves, and with use of the grout saw, remove all tiles you want replaced. Finish by hammering the tiles off carefully with the use of the chisel, making sure that the area is level. Afterwards, clean the surface off with a cloth to remove soot or dirt. Apply patching plaster in areas with dents or irregularities.

3. Apply adhesive.

With the use of a stiff putty knife, apply the water-based tile adhesive onto the back of the tile. Make sure that the adhesive is sufficient and applied evenly. It would be wise to first read the instructions on the label before proceeding to avoid accidents. 

4. Set the tile.

With adhesive at the back of the tile, carefully press it onto the surface of the fireplace. Repeat the process for the remaining ceramic tiles making sure that all the set tiles are leveled correctly throughout the surface. Remove the excess adhesive that has seeped out in between the tiles with a moistened sponge or cloth. Allow the adhesive to fully dry for 24 hours.

5. Apply the grout.

Mix the grout according to the instructions on the label. Press it firmly onto the tiles in a diagonal manner.

Tiles come in different sizes, colors and designs, so they are a top choice among individuals who want to make their fireplaces nice, cozy and safe.


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