How To Set up a Remote for a Garage Opener

Your garage door remote control is the gateway to your home.  If you lose your remote control the absolute first thing that you need to do is reprogram your remote control to keep you and your home safe from unwanted guests.  The process is done easily enough; this will serve as a guide to walk you through reprogramming your garage door remote control.

The first thing that you will need to do is clear the remote control.  Newer updated garage door openers have been installed with a “learn” button.  Press and hold this button down for about twenty seconds to clear the remote control of any previous codes.  You want to hold the button down until the L.E.D. light next to the button has gone out, this will ensure that all transmitters that have been programmed to your unit have been erased.

If your garage door opener is fairly new, then this method will work for you.  On the garage door opener find the smart button located on the panel.  Hold down the button until the L.E.D. light is lit up, next push the button the remote that you are programming.  The L.E.D. light will flash once verifying the remote.  Now the remote is programmed and ready to use.  Test the remote before leaving to ensure that it does in fact open your garage door.  If for some reason the programming didn’t take then re-do the steps and be sure to press the button the remote while the L.E.D. light is lit on the garage door opener.

If you have an older remote and garage door opener, it might be programmed by a code.  This is easily done by making sure the garage door opener and remote control both have the same code entered into it.  These styles of remotes are typically used in apartment buildings because they are easily reprogrammed once tenants move out.

If you open your remote control and notice that it has a code wheel then you will need to choose a new code and reset the remote.  You will also need to climb up and check the garage door opener and reset the code to match the code you entered into the remote.

Remember to change your garage door remote code once you move into a new home and/or after you purchase a new garage door opener.  It’s also not a good idea to leave your garage door remote inside of your car, this puts your car at risk of getting broken into and you’re remote being stolen.


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