How To Set Up a Unit to Recycle Plastic

Photo of old plastic bottles

Surely, one of the most important things you can do for the environment today is to set up a unit to recycle plastic. With the problems that the environment faces when it comes to wastes, your initiative to do this really counts a lot. Thanks to such a selfless idea, the world can still be a better world to live in.

Given that you are truly decided to recycle any type of plastic scrap, the challenge now is how you can start the business. The process is pretty much the same as setting up a unit to recycle paper. Check out these following procedures that you can consider:

  1. Recycling area. Before starting anything up, you need to find a place where you can stock all the plastic garbage. If you plan to recycle bags, toys, and other things made of plastic, you need to ensure that there is a place big and safe enough place to cover everything. Also, make sure that you get a good location so that your workers will not have a hard time to deliver plastic scrap to the area.
  2. Water source. It is also important to have a water source in the recycling area. This helps to ensure not only the cleanliness of the area itself but all materials needed for recycling as well.
  3. Plastic scrap supplier. Determine who your source of plastic waste materials to recycle will be. It can be plastic product manufacturers, local households, schools, or all of them. To ease up the process, you can position bins or cans in areas where people are mostly gathered. It is good to place a recycle logo in all of the cans and bins you will be placing in public. This is to ensure that the people know the trash they need to throw in them once they see the recycle logo.
  4. Recycled products market. Identify as well your prospective market for your finished products. Even if the products are as simple as recycled bags or toys, it is still important to have a stable and sure market after the production stage.
  5. Machine. Another important thing you need to prepare for is the machinery to be used for the operation of your recycling company. You need to check the availability of machines such as sorter, granulator, shredder, washing machine, as well as plastic recycling computer programs. More than determining these things, you need to devise the flow of the operation of each machine to ensure smooth operation processes. Recycling computer programs are best to help you with this planning.
  6. Business plan. Once all these things are taken into consideration, you can devise your company’s business plan. You need to indicate everything including operational costs and prospective income.
  7. Inspection. Submit all inspection requirements and standards of the government to ensure that your recycling business is following the codes.
  8. Advertising. Devise some advertising material as well as marketing programs to gain more customers and suppliers for your business.

With all these things, you can surely effectively start a unit to recycle plastic. These guidelines are very much applicable for setting up a business to recycle paper. Remember, the idea alone is already rewarding. This will be much more appreciated if you make this idea into reality.


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