How To Share a Bedroom Closet

I have found a few successful ways to share bedroom closets. The first thing that I did when I realized that I had to combine my space in the closet with my husband, was to purchase a few items to put in the closet that were individually for me and for him.

I made a purchase of two shoe racks. One rack I put on my half of the closet in the far back and placed most of my shoes that I wear daily on the rack. I then put his rack over the far corner, and we placed his daily worn shoes on his rack. All of the extra shoes we had boxes for, and we put his boxed shoes up on his shelf in the upper corner of his side, and subsequently did the same thing to mine.

Next, we purchased a piece of wood that we cut the total length of the closet and hung up above the top shelf in the closet giving us actually two shelves to put our items. We put a slat in the center to separate the two sides, and the folded sweaters that I store I keep in the upper corner of my closet. Then we do the same for his extra sweaters that are folded.

For all of our clothing, we separated all of our slacks and hanging shirts that we had and my slacks were hung on my side in the back, and his were hung on the right in the back area. Shirts for us were then placed and hung in the closet; his were on his side in front of the slacks and mine were done the same on my side.

We then purchased some plastic storage drawers that had three drawers each per storage unit. We placed one unit in the bottom area on his side of the closet and another one on my side of the closet. Any extra items that we have that we cannot have room to hang, we store in the plastic drawers on our individual sides.

If you find that you need additional room in your closets, I have in the past built several small shelving areas on the inner sides of my closets, leaving 4 - 5 shelves on the right and left hand sides of the interior of the closet for more shoes, folded clothing and extra items that you store or need the space for.

Make the best use of sharing closets by building shelves and purchasing plastic drawers to get best use of your closet space area!


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