How To Shop for a Door Alarm

A home door alarm is one of the simplest ways to upgrade the security level of your home.  It's a device attached to your door that activates an alarm and signals whenever someone has gained unauthorized entry to your property by opening that door.  The signal used is a loud and high-pitched alarm sound that can be heard both inside and outside the home.

Decide if you merely want to arm one particular door with a door alarm or want to invest in an entire security system that will wire all your doors to signal whenever the door is opened and the system is armed.

A home door alarm can be something that costs less than $10 and is a battery operated doorstop positioned underneath the door jam. The audio alarm is triggered by any movement of the door that jostles the doorstop.  Other relatively simple and inexpensive home door alarms can be attached to sliding glass doors or even outside gates. When one part of the alarm is disconnected from the other part attached to the door, a loud and piercing alarm rings out to alert the owner, and nearby neighbors, that someone has managed to force the door open.  Yet other simple models are battery operated alarms that hang on the doorknob from the inside and ring out to alert the home's residents should the door be opened.

A more sophisticated system is the keypad alarm that mounts on the wall near the door and uses a special code of passwords, numbers or combinations of the two.  When this type of home door alarm is installed, an alarm rings whenever the system is "on" and the door is opened.  These more sophisticated door alarms can cost hundreds of dollars, depending upon how many doors are connected to the master keypad.  It's important to know your budget before shopping for a door alarm so you can make an alarm selection that makes the best sense for your purpose.

When considering the installation of a door alarm, realize it can be a handy security device to help you keep people from leaving your property as well as unwanted visitors or intruders from entering your home.

Simple door alarms can be placed at the entry gates to swimming pool areas to alert you if children have gained unwanted access to this area.  Likewise, elderly relatives, small children and pets that might open doors leading outside and wander out into traffic or other harm. This can be prevented when you have a home door alarm installed. 


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