How To Shop for Mattresses that Relieve Back Pain

So, you got another back ache this morning. Although regular massage can relieve your back pain, as long as the culprit remains in your house, you'll never cease having back aches. Wake up! You need to replace your mattress. You need to have a memory foam mattress, or air beds, or a better mattress pad.

You probably already know how expensive a memory foam mattress is. Even air beds and mattress pads can be expensive. But actually, having a memory foam or just a better mattress that can relieve your back pain is a great investment that can last up to 30 years. Imagine those 30 years that you don't need to suffer a back pained morning — what a smart shopping decision.

So, are you ready to shop for mattresses that relieve back pain? Many stores are out there like the Englander and Futon offering the world's most comfortable mattresses. The real challenge here is to shop for the right mattress that can really relieve your back pain.

Although cost matters, it should not be your prime consideration when buying a mattress. You should buy a mattress because of the comfort level it can provide your body. But, how will you know if the comfort level is really comfortable for your back?

You can check the mattress at the store — lie on it. How does it feel — is it comfortable enough for your back?

Now, most people think that a super soft mattress can relieve their back pain. The truth is, it will just make your problem worse. Instead, you should buy a medium-firm mattress. Don't forget that this mattress should also have an extra support system to add strength and durability to it.

Another famous and maybe a silly way to test the durability and comfort of a mattress is through a wine glass. Place a wine glass with a liquid content on the mattress. Stand on that mattress just enough distance from the wine glass. Now, jump once. A good mattress will absorb the energy you gave it, which means, it should not have caused the wine glass content to spill. If there's no liquid spill, then that mattress is perfect for releiving back pain.

Aside from testing the mattress, you can also buy it depending on the brand. So far, the most famous and trusted mattress brands in North America are Duxiana, Stearns and Foster, Kingsdown, Englander, Spring Air, Select Comfort, Serta, Tempur-Pedic, Simmons, and Sealy. All these can provide you relief from your back pain. It's always better to get a trusted name than to gamble on a brand that you still don't know is reputable or not. Remember, a mattress that can relieve your back pain is expensive. Therefore, no matter what, it should be a good buy.

Don't forget to consider the warranty and insurance for the mattress. Some stores may offer you a free trial of the mattress or a money-back guarantee. These will surely convince you to make a purchase.

Sleeping should be a luxury. Besides, this is the only time we recharge after a long day's work. So, you really deserve to have this special treatment — just consider it as your reward for your hard work.

Aside from being a reward, buying a good mattress can be a health investment, too. Lower back pain, herniated lumbar disc, lumbar degenerative disc disease, and lumbar spinal stenosis are just some back-related health conditions you can prevent by simply having a good night's sleep on your perfectly comfortable mattress.


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