How To Shut Off a Water Supply

While working on home improvement projects, there will come a time when you will need to shut off your water supply. This is true when the repair work you are doing is leaky faucets, replacing faucets, putting in a new sink, adding a water purifier, or working on the shower. By shutting off your water supply, you can be assured there will be no more water damage from the continuous flow of water.

The water supply shut off valve will be located in different locations, depending on your type of dwelling you live in. If you have a basement, the water supply shut off valve can be found on the front basement wall of your home, near the water pipe leading out to your outside water faucet. If you live in a house that is on slab foundation, you will need to know where you outside water faucet is. Inside the home, the water supply shutoff valve will be near the water pipe that leading to the outside faucet. If your home has a crawl space, sometimes the water shut off valve is located in this crawl space; again, you can find the water shut off valve near the front of your house, in the same location as your front faucet.

Once you have located the water supply shut off valve, simply turn the dial clockwise to close off the incoming water supply. Now you can do any repairs that are needed. Once your repairs completed, and you are ready to turn the water supply back on, you will need to open some faucets in your home. The faucets you want to turn on will be faucets on an upper level, and main floor. This will force any air that is trapped in your pipes from your shut off to leave the pipes once the water is turned back on. When you hear your water supply is running smoothly, you can turn off all your faucets. If you do not do this step, you may end up having air in the pipes, which will result in pipe banging when someone turns on a faucet. To turn the water supply back on, you will turn the valve dial counter clockwise.

If your water shut off valve inside the home is leaking, and needs to be repaired, you will have to contact your city water department. This water supply shut off valve is located near your sidewalk, and can only be turned on and off by the water department for a couple of reasons. First it is illegal, and second, it requires a special tool which is approximately 7 feet in length, as the shut off valve is located 8 feet below ground.

Once you know where you water shut off valve is located, you can now perform any repair work in the future without any further water damage, flooding or getting yourself soaked.  


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