How To Spruce Up Your Bathroom in 5 Steps

The bathroom, for many people, is a sanctuary where they can just relax, take a nice shower or long warm bath, and for the ladies, do their make ups and other beauty regimens. It is a place where privacy is much required and cherished. It is where you wash away all the day’s dirt off of you and take on a fresh start. Perhaps you would not agree with this description because you don’t find your bathroom as comforting. If you are one of those people, here are 5 simple steps to spruce up your bathroom and turn into the haven you wish you had.

  1. Get rid of all the clutter. Your bathroom may not be as beautiful as you want to be because it is full of unnecessary objects. Throw away all the empty lotion bottles, shampoo containers, and those unkempt wet boxes of your moisturizers, toothpaste, or any hygiene essentials. In addition to getting rid of all the superfluous things, clean up every corner, crevice, and utilities, such as the bathtub, toilet bowl and the bidet.
  2. Add color to your bathroom. You might want to change the old green color of your bathroom into a more soothing chocolate brown. You may repaint the walls or change the wall tiles, if any. It would be ideal to think of a theme before choosing a paint or tile color.  Decide if you want a relaxing type of bathroom or one that is loud and happy; a classic type or one with more of a modern twist. Whichever theme you have chosen, make sure that your house members or roommates agree with it too. Then you can have fun picking out the stuff you need.
  3. Replace the sink, toilet bowl, and other utilities. If you have cleaned up your entire bathroom and still think that its utilities look old and full of grime, you need to replace them with something more appropriate to your theme in mind or something that would match the rest of your bathroom. There are a lot of hardware stores that sell cheaper but good utilities. Go for the best bargain and the best quality. Sometimes, you might want to spend a little more to get the best out of your purchases.
  4. Replace the bathroom floor tiles. Your bathroom flooring might be old, faded and cracked. In that case, it’s high time to replace them with new tiles that will complement your theme. You may hire someone to do this for you so that it will surely turn out neat and good.
  5. Add some accents. After everything has been replaced and cleaned up, you will find out that it will look a lot better if accessories were added. Choose a nice mirror, display some new towels on the towel rack, put some small scented candles around the sink counter or around the bathtub, change the shower curtain, and put a lovely little bathroom rug at the center.

It is always a good idea to watch some interior design shows. They give a whole lot of examples for you to choose from and follow. In addition to that, you may also buy design books that will show you different themes for your bathroom.


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