How To Stack a Washer and Dryer

The increasing population is decreasing the area allotted for houses and apartments to be built in. Due to the smaller infrastructures built that has limited surface areas for your household or even business paraphernalia, space saver equipment is a must to maximize available spaces. For having a comfortable way of washing and drying clothes, here are some steps to follow in stacking a washer and dryer.

Check your space. First of all you need to determine in which space you would like to place your washer and dryer combo. Measure if it can fit standard size 27 inches or for more space the 24 inch. Note that the sizes determine the capacity of your washer and dryer. So you need to predetermine for what purpose you need the washer and dryer prior to purchasing it.

Purchase the needed equipment. Buy a stackable washer and dryer combination of the same brand. This will ensure the compatibility for stacking. Note that dryers and washers can be sold separately. The advantage of buying them as a combo is their compatibility for stacking won’t be much of a hassle, but the disadvantage is if one of them malfunctions and becomes irreparable, you would need to buy a new set instead of just the one that got destroyed. Once you’ve purchased the dryer and the washer, you need to buy the manufacturer’s stacking kit because using a homemade kit will void the warranty. You can usually stack same brand washer and dryers together, but having a stacking kit will make them look flush and streamlined.

Stack it up. Generally, dryers go on top of washers. In stacking you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some requires dismantling the legs of the dryer before stacking. In this case you may need to put foam in between the dryer and the washer. You may need two people to carry the dryer onto the washer. Once on the washer, check the manufacturer’s instructions referring to the attachment. Most of the time the dryer is attached to the rear of the washer as the dryer is placed slightly at the back. Check if all bolts are properly attached. Once secured, attach the drain hoses of the washer and the gas hose to the dryer.

Start it up. Before plugging it in the electrical outlets, make sure that you have arranged it in your desired position in the laundry area. Once firmly in place, you may now plug it in for a trial. Check the outlet type before plugging because plugging into the wrong outlet may be cause a fire. At the start just give it a trial load enough to check if your stacked dryer and washer are now stable. If it is still wobbly, adjustments have to be made.

Provided the said steps, make sure that you still review the manufacturer’s instructions after each step, since different specifications may be given for each model and brand. Considering that you purchased a combo, these steps will help you prepare what is needed to stack your washer and dryer hassle free.


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