How To Stop Pollution

Life has taken on a very progressive and fast pace – but the bad side is, it is at the expense of the only planet we have. There are a lot of environmental groups, and we even celebrate Earth Day, but we cannot deny the fact that everyday of our lives, we worsen the condition of our environment.

To stop pollution, here are some easy, but effective options:

  1. Manage your garbage. Segregate and put litter only into their respective bins. There are still some people who put trash in bodies of water, or sewer systems, or just about everywhere. Clean up your act! Putting litter in its proper place is hygienic, it keeps your place clean and clean-smelling, and it is your responsibility to the community and the world.
  2. Recycle. Not recycling has been a ‘habit’ – and a bad habit at that. Always be conscious of what you throw away. Think about its other uses before you forever add another pound of trash to the world. Do not be scared, it is not that hard. You might have just got accustomed to not recycling, that’s why it might look complicated at first, but it isn’t.
  3. Report illegal dumping. You may have noticed a production plant disposing chemicals or garbage near your river or lake—report them. These companies have to be responsible about waste management, and as long as no one is reporting, they will be damaging our environment right under our noses.
  4. Check you car emissions. Maintain the high performance of your car, and you can save the earth from having as many toxins in the air. Use environment-friendly gas, or better yet, walk short distances or use a bike as exercise.
  5. Conserve energy. Turn off lights when not in use, use air-conditioning sparsely, and you save not just on electrical bills, but also on carbon emissions from electricity. Climate change is becoming drastic, but we can still use the time we have to turn things around.
  6. Use natural products or environmentally safe products. Decades of used chemicals being dumped into our planet have to stop. Companies who are socially-responsible are now finding ways to use natural and environmentally safe products, and their effects are definitely better than their chemical-based counterparts.
  7. Be an advocate. Influence others to do their share. It’s the same air we breathe, it’s the same water we breathe, and it’s the only planet we have.
  8. Minimalism. Consume only what you need. We live in excess and with too much emphasis on material things. It is important that we use products wisely. This also reduces the amount of waste we generate.

What is important in saving the environment is that we do these things everyday, in every way that we can. These are not things that we should do only for a week, or a month, but these should be practiced daily. The damage in our environment is too great already, so that we cannot just take it in stride.


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