How To Store Bedding

A Simple Way to Organize Your Bed Linens

If your linen closet is cramped or disorganized, and you end up using mismatched sheet sets, there's a simple way you can organize your sheets.  If you store your bedding following the directions below, your linen closet will be organized and tidy, and you will always have full matching sets.

Step 1

Start fresh. Pull all of the sets of sheets out of your linen closet, and arrange them in piles of matching sets.   If you have any incomplete sets, consider donating them or moving them to the garage or shed so that you can use them to cover plants during winter freezes.

Step 2

Group and fold.  After you've separated the sheet sets into piles, fold each matching fitted and flat sheet.  If this is a twin sheet set, get the matching pillow case and neatly put the fitted and flat sheets into the pillow case.  For full, queen, and king sets, which come with two pillow cases, fold one pillow case and put the folded fitted sheet, flat sheet, and piilow case into the remaining pillow case.

Step 3

Arrange neatly.  Return the bed sheets to the linen closet.   Arrange them in groups, so that the sheets that go to the master bedroom are all stacked together, all the toddler sheet sets are all stacked together, and so on.

By Cyn Vela

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