How To Store Cleaning Supplies

The cleaning supplies you use in your home can contain some seriously dangerous chemicals. These chemicals are hazardous to your kids and your pets if swallowed and can be equally dangerous for adults if the wrong chemicals get mixed together. Avoid the hazards of household cleaning supplies by storing the supplies properly.

  1. Choose a designated place. Your cleaning supplies shouldn't be mixed in with the food in your pantry or stored with the junk under your sink. Instead choose a location that is away from young prying fingers and specific for your cleaning supplies. A shelf or cabinet in your laundry room or garage might be the best choice. The shelf or cabinet should be high away from child sized reaches or kept in a locket closet.
  2. Keep supplies in original labeled containers. Don't mix your cleaners or get them confused. Instead you should leave them in the original containers and make sure that the lids are secure after each use.
  3. Check labels. Whenever you use cleaning supplies check the expiration dates. Chemicals will go back and can become more toxic so check for expiration dates. While reading the labels also check the safety instructions. Some cleaners will need to be stored away from other chemicals. Take the warnings seriously and plan your storage space in accordance with the guidelines.
  4. Rinse all supplies before storage. When you pour or spray cleaners some of the liquid may spill or leak over onto the outside of the bottle. When you are done with the cleaner, seal the container then rinse and dry the outside of the container. Clean your buckets, mops, sponges and cleaning towels as well before you put them away.
  5. Maintain a comfortable, cool climate. Where you live makes a difference to where you can store your cleaning supplies. Don't store items with warnings about heat or flame in a basement with a furnace or in a hot garage. Keep your cleaning supplies out of areas where they may freeze as well because this can cause the containers to become brittle and break. Most cleaning supplies are best stored in a clean, dry room that is kept at a cool and mild temperature.

Cleaning supplies can contain hazardous chemicals so by reading labels and preparing a designated space for storing these items you can protect your family from the dangers of these chemicals.


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