How To Store Germicidal Products Safely

Germicidal products are getting more and more popular these days because of their quality in killing bacteria. Much of the recent craze on the global and local scale involves the proliferation of viruses caused by organisms that harm the body. Bacteria, in particular, remains one of those organisms that can steal, kill and destroy.

If you are a fan of germicidal products (as most people are, though they are not aware of it), including some antiseptics, cleaners and just about anything under the sun with authentic germ-killing power, you might want to find out how to store and use them properly.

Some people like to ask if a lamp, ultraviolet light from bulbs and other sources of illumination like fluorescent lighting affect their favorite bleach, soap, disinfectant or germicide product, in general. These are very good and valid questions for consideration. 

  1. Room temperature is the best temperature for germicidal products. This is the most popular caption found on the back of the labels of most germicidal products. And this is not to be taken lightly. The main ingredient in germicidal products, chlorine, reacts sensitively to heat and extreme light. So the first question of whether light affects the performance of your germicidal products is already answered. But that's just the start.
  2. Don't place the germicide products side by side with other potentially strong chemicals or products. There are products that react adversely with the chemicals in your germicidal products. If at all possible, group your germicidal products and keep them at a safe distance.
  3. Watch out for flames. Most of the germicidal products, since they have alcohol in them, are flammable. So do not place them near places that could instigate fire like your kitchen stove, oven or gasoline tank. It would be much more practical to have a separate cabinet made of thick wood to store your germicidal products. The higher the concentration, the higher the risk.
  4. Keep it out of reach of children. Store these chemicals in a high place. Aside from the imminent danger of flames, explosions and lack of effectiveness of your germicide, you might find it even more distressing if one of your kids get poisoned or ingests any of the components of the germicide products.
  5. Make sure that the germicide products are tightly sealed. You need to make sure that there are no leaks whatsoever that will obliterate whatever plans you have of making sure you get to store your products effectively. Check weekly if the bottles are in good condition and replace them with airtight bottles, which cost very little compared to the risks of having all those products mix and drip in the wrong places.

Germicidal products are extremely effective only when they are stored and maintained in your home properly. While most of them last for a long time until they are consumed (and they are frequently consumed!), it still pays to check the expiration dates of some of these products as well. Your budget and your home will eventually thank you for it.


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