How To Store Guns Safely

If you have several guns or even just one gun in your house, you will need to know how to store the guns safely.  Here are a few ways to do just that.

The first thing you always want to do to store guns safely is to make certain they are unloaded.  Never store a gun with ammunition still in it.  And always make sure to store the ammunition separately and away from the guns.

The very best way to store guns is to purchase a gun safe or cabinet that can be locked.  Put your gun or guns in the safe or cabinet and make sure you keep the key with you or you hide it somewhere away from the safe/cabinet.  If you happen to purchase a cabinet to store guns safely, make sure it is not one with a glass front.  A gun cabinet should be very strong and solid all the way around.

If you do keep a handgun in the house for protection and do desire to keep it loaded, store it in a place where no one else can reach it, particularly children or visitors to the house.  Never simply slip it under your bed or in a dresser drawer.  Always, always make sure if the gun is loaded that the safety is on.

You can also now purchase trigger guard locks to put on the gun itself.  This is a lock that slips onto the trigger guard and will keep it from firing.  It is really best to have these to store guns safely even if they are in a cabinet or safe.

If you do not have children in the house, you can store a gun safely by hiding it in a closet (unloaded, of course).  If you have a handgun and want to store it safely, you can put it in a box that locks and place it on the top shelf of a closet.

Some people will actually take guns apart in order to store guns safely.  There are several guns now that will break down for storage.

If you keep a gun at your place of business, make certain it is hidden in a safe and inconspicuous place and the safety is on at all times.

In conclusion, to store guns safely, unload them and make sure to keep the ammunition separate.  Lock them in a safe or cabinet and keep the key with you at all times.



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