How To Support Eco-Friendly Charities

When giving a gift, it is the thought that counts. The quantity matters only in proportion to what you can give and it not only mean money but also time and effort; otherwise, it will only be pure hypocrisy if you are only trying to attract attention without the genuine desire to help. It is not enough to say that you care. You have to show that you care even if nobody sees you doing it. After all, when you give you are also receiving something—feeling good about yourself, gratitude from the ones you have helped and all the things you thought money cannot buy but unwittingly bought with money, time, effort and love.
If you are sincere in trying to help but unsure of what to do and where to go, you can always support eco-friendly charities. They may be considered one of the best ways to channel your energies because they help solve one thing while keeping another in mind. They give humanitarian help to the needy while keeping an active campaign to promote a green, healthy and nature-friendly world.
You can support these eco-friendly charities by:

  1. Go to their offices and headquarters. Inquire how you can help. They will really appreciate your thoughtfulness as some of them are giving and sacrificing the productive times of their life to these charitable causes.
  2. Give private donations. You can donate in cash or in kind. They will be very grateful for anything you can give. You can give out old books and clothes that you have outgrown. Things that you have just been stocking because you are not using them anymore would also be good for donations. Instead of putting them into waste, they will be put to good use by other people in need.
  3. Write letters asking for support to these organizations to your mayors, senators, governors, and even the President. Organize a campaign together with your friends, your neighborhood or your whole town where you aim in encouraging the government to provide the much needed funding.
  4. Support their programs like power saving, recycling, proper sanitation, etc. and make sure to let all your friends know about them and why it is important to do so. It helps to consult them for tips in power saving, recycling and such things. You can also share what you know to them about the latest eco-friendly technology if you have more advanced information.
  5. Volunteer your time. Let them know that you got their back. You can sort donations for them when stuffing things into care packages. Help them when they are on outreach program to some remote areas. Let them know your available time so they can contact you when they need help in manpower.
  6. Search the Internet for eco-friendly charity websites. Some eco-friendly charities with official web pages can be found in You can find their addresses and ways to contact them in their own Home WebPages. You can also find a list of some eco-friendly websites in the given link below: GO-GREEN-WITH-THE-TOP-10-ECO-FRIENDLY-WEBSITES. If there are no charity centers nearby, check out

In whatever actions you decide to take, consider always that one good turn deserves another. Fill the world with charity, love, compassion for humanity and all forms of life!


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