How To Take Out Home Windows

No matter what kind of house you live in, there will always be instances when you are required to remove your home windows. It can either be for replacement or restructuring purposes. Whatever it is, it is always important that you know how to do this task. This is beneficial especially for people who wish not to pay the services of a carpenter.

Given that you have all the tools needed, it is easier for you to do this do-it-yourself project. By just following simple instructions, you can remove any of your windows by yourself. So check out these guidelines on how you can work on your windows:

  1. Gather necessary tools for the completion of the project. Get a utility knife, blade, pry bar, hammer, nail set and the like. These tools can be easily found in your home. However, if you don’t have one of these, you can get other tools as an alternative.
  2. Run either a blade or utility knife around the window frame where the window’s frame meets the wall. This is the first step in removing  a window. This will separate the wall itself and the paint from the window. Do this step in both the interior and exterior of the house.
  3. Using a pry bar, remove the trim around the window in the interior. However, be careful to use a wood block right under the pry bar. This is to ensure that the wall is protected.
  4. Raising the lower frame of the pane, remove the apron and the stool in their places. Then analyze how the window is built to keep in its place. Usually, old windows have jambs nailed into the studs directly. On the other hand, newer ones have nails into the outside casing. Newly installed windows are easier to handle than the old ones.
  5. Drive the nails out of the studs or casing. For old windows, you can drive the nails out of the jambs. This can be done using a hammer and nail set. For newer ones, you can drive the nails or just simply remove the nails from the outside. However, in both cases, it can be easier to just cut all of the nails that are used in securing the window.
  6. Finally, you can remove all the shims. Afterwards, slide out the whole window unit out of the wall. It is safer to slide the window to the exterior. However, whichever is more convenient, you can do it either to the outside or to the inside of the house.

Knowing this procedure in removing home windows, you will always be a part of a successful window replacement or any other window projects. Though it can be hard at first, once you master enough techniques, doing this task will be easier than what you expected. You can save from the labor expenses for your next home window project with this DIY approach.


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